Cardi B – Press (feat. Nicki Minaj & B.o.B) [MASHUP]

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Cardi B - Press (feat. Nicki Minaj & B.o.B) [MASHUP]

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Fiyin Goodluck says:

Where is the b.ob verse from

vanderson alves says:

That was AMAZING

Mahiristan says:

Nicki and Cardi will be amazing together

Kawaii Panda says:

How come no ones talking about this nigga BoB he ATE on this beat🔥🔥

Jah’mere Jackson says:

This Eats !!!

I love myself says:

If only they didn't have beef 🥩

FFM Fanatical Food Family says:

They would really be queens in the rap game but stupid beef always gotta happen

DripsterDrippy says:

Let's all get it straight

Nicki and Cardi would murder the industry if they didn't have beef

Nefeli Papadopoulou says:

how i can find this nicki song with that beat;

cesar lopez says:

No flags verse would fit way better

Theyk Ishere says:

Oh my goddamn god 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 m shocked this shit is so fkn lit

IBTE Clothing says:

Nikki flow so tight.

Nicø Maikka says:

nicki and cardi need to see this!

Crazy Bruja says:

You did that shit!

J Manuel G says:


NINA 2002 says:

Sad they beefin

D&J Gang says:

Who ever made this y’all need to put Cardi b part first cause it’s her song

Chef Symmetra says:

If Cardi B, Nicki, Megan and Iggy would collaborate they would dominate the charts💀

DramaDaily Polska says:


Arvin Chris says:

What song is Nicki's verse from?

Zaih games says:

whats yo name b.o.b so they callin you bob

Antione Arrington says:

Man who ever put this together it's hot i like it i mane cardi and Nicki shoud good together evern dow it's a mixer but thay shoud great

Drippy Squad says:

Nicki and cardi so cold together no cap ❤️ like if you agree

sucxubustie says:

their backs must ache from carrying the whole music industry 😍

Tekocobra Cobra says:

Nicki verse is fire 🔥

Marcos Lazzari says:

Alguém tem essa foto do áudio pra me mandar ?

mya sartorius says:

This is amazing I actually don’t like cardi but this mashup is everyting🥺🥺🥺

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