Cardi B – Press (Lyrics)

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Cardi B - Press (Lyrics)
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Tywanda Yarborough says:

My song 😂😂😂😂😂

milena Mateus says:


PriceSte says:

Why blur b*tch, but not sh*t?

Trap Astronaut says:

Cardi on fire 🔥

Jazzy jka says:


GATE 13 Shooters GATE 13 Shooters says:

Greek freak🇬🇷

Toothless / Samsauce says:

shes garbage, but this beat is fire as fuhhhhhhhck

Muze Produces says:

The bitch ima freak like Greek line reminded me of ski mask

Nicinha Neves says:

this so migos. They all sound the same

Jaymes Lang says:

I hate how much I love this song..

day day Ivey says:


Life w Mercy says:

Tryna learn the lyrics

Tra'mayne Gaines says:


The Ringer says:

This ain’t it-

somya sharma says:

I ligit liked dis after gettin a lil glims of her voice damm like we know its gonna be lit

Kelis Mayo says:

I wanted to be first but you beat me to it… 😢😢😢 WHATEVER LESS WORK FOR ME 😝

jb. money says:

Don't forget kulture

jb. money says:

I love cardi b offset migos and anything that cardi likes

jb. money says:

Yeah cardi who they gonna check not u

Cet says:

📣 c u a r d y

Anonyxist says:

Perfect song made for Nikki. Cardi>nikki

Kayona Napoleon says:

Man this song wack as fuck just like her English.😂😂😂😂


Please check out the Dance video on this Song 😇Hope u guys like it🔥

Zolanski Barbie says:

This was bad…..

Suzan Hiato says:

I love You😍💖❤

Kinjal Amdavadi says:

I just feel the flow is repeating now….

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