Cardi B – "Press" TRACK REVIEW

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Nintendo Boy Zombies says:

Beat is solid, everything else is garbage

Oz Lee says:

Isn't this the one she stole and then had to give the real writer credit for when he came with receipts? Bold to make it a single…

Insta: iamdanigboa says:

Yea. The flow is weird. The producer did good the beats are nice. It kinda gives me a headache. Lol 😂

Insta: iamdanigboa says:

I don’t think the album cover is too provocative. The song is like painfully uncomfortable 🥵 too much barking.

Johnfred says:


Chubless The Bear says:

Music should never be broken down this way an opinion is one thing but I feel this completely takes the fun out of it why do people follow this guy I will never know smh

Julius Hk0 says:

It's amazing how cardi and say the n word but not nav or 6ix9ine

Alex Macdon says:

I’m fucking de-de-pressed

Luke O'Donnell says:

I give this a broken marriage out of ten

μουστάρδα says:

broken marriage out of ten

Teamari says:

The B in Cardi B stands for Bird

Hayden Samples says:

Review "HEAVEN" by DAAANG !

Thane19 says:

Can the next TRACK REVIEW be on Self-Immolate papa melon?

Airiana Denney says:

Hey melon, could you do a track review for one of Modest Mouse’s new singles? I’m conflicted over the punk take they’ve gone with and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Duckity HD says:

Cardi is shi

Carissa O'Day says:

Waiting for that Miley Cyrus Album Review! I want to know what you think 💭

Justin C says:

I want a full cover

John Green says:

Ok cool but you didn't need to post the original picture on your SubReddit

Kalypso says:

I'm glad everyone in the comments agrees this is literal garbage. Great message to portray to the children for a Grammy winning artist. sarcasm

NerdyDude186 says:

All he does is suck her dick. Not surprised to be honest. Dude is a dick sucker pillow biter.

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