Carly Rae Jepsen – “Party for One” TRACK REVIEW

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The song:

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Brent Waters says:

Anthony OMG you nailed it emotion was good and bside was even better the single is good but she derserve more mainstream play folks are up Taylor swfits ass when they should be paying attention to carly

Yvander Phillipe says:

Heyy buddy did your hear the news. . . it’s waldo reviews.

Rabid Llama says:

Review "Wanna Sprite Cranberry"

Jenathen T says:

You better not say anything bad about the precious Carly rae

WhoIsJaimeDoyle says:

She gets better and better with each release

Too bad she will be known no more as a one hit wonder

siren says:

i feel the same way. i mean, I Really Like You didn't do much for me at first but once the album was released the rest of the content was amazing, so i'm still hopeful to enjoy her next album despite not really caring about Party For One

no cap says:

How do you expect me to pass no nut november with such an intro

InsertYourMomsName says:

It took everything in his power not to call this song unseasoned

Julian Smith says:

You should review Kim Petras. Great pop music.

Mark Sanmie says:

this may be weird coming from a rock/metal fan but idk why she isn't bigger. i mean she seems to do better things than people like ariana grande.

2500 de QI says:


arqueotm says:

Honestly, yes song is good, but the real question is, why is she so hot. WHat gives her the right. Only Cal should be able to rock the whitey tighties.

Skye Troy says:

Holy shit, the stockings though….

Curtis Smith says:

iCarly > Drake and Josh

Curtis Smith says:

iCarly still my favorite show

Jacob Beaver says:

Ya gotta remember though that all of Carly's lead singles for her records are usually crowd pleasing and simple. Even I Really Like You is probably the most bland off Emotion and of course we know Call Me Maybe was the definition of crowd-pleasing. My prediction is that we'll get a good blend of future and bubblegum pop off her next record. I'd love to see a Charli XCX feature.

Rogther says:

I started the song really enjoying it, but eventually it just felt like I could just listen to Emotion(album) and have a similar bit overall better experience.

Andrew Fender says:

Best way I can sum up the song:

it's pretty good

Chase Brunton says:

Oh man, I love this song. It just feels so triumphant.

Herkus Kaminskas says:

UnreQUITEd love

Ajdizzle4rizzle says:

Her nipples in the music video distracted me a great deal.

Loch Macdonald says:

That pitch-shifted intro is fucking with me man

37TheRudy says:

damn melon u drunk? especially 0,5 speed makes it pretty obvious

dariusss says:

The comments are barely about the actual video bro

Dimento PLexitronum says:

Lol I forgot about that Max Landis theory thing

ohn miel says:

The track is a grower for me. At the first listen, I agree with your points, melon. But after several listens, it is a STRONG BOP. It is catchy as hell. I'm excited for the upcoming album.

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