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DJ Khaled had the viral success of a pre teen pop singer in 2016 & followed through with the very solid Major Key. A few years later when "Another One" just isn't holding the attention of the listeners, the music finally has to speak for itself on FATHER OF ASAHD & its pretty bad.

DJ Khaled - Father of Asahd Full Album
1. Holy Mountain (Intro) f. Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado & 070 Shake
2. Wish Wish f. Cardi B & 21 Savage
3. Jealous f. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown & Big Sean
4. Just Us f. SZA
5. You Stay f. Meek Mill, J Balvin, Lil Baby & Jeremih
6. Celebrate f. Travis Scott & Post Malone
7. Higher f. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend
8. Won’t Take My Soul f. Nas & CeeLo Green
9. Weather The Storm f. Meek Mill & Lil Baby
10. Big Boy Talk f. Jeezy & Rick Ross
11. Fr3ak N You f. Lil Wayne & Gunna
12. Top Off f. Future, JAY-Z & Beyoncé
13. No Brainer f. Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo
14. Thank You f. Big Sean
15. Holy Ground f. Buju Banton

Best Tracks - Thank You/Higher

Worst Tracks - Everything else kinda...

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Bavarian Motors says:

Ayyy I Know Yo Momma Told you Look Both Ways Before you Think Bout Crossin Me "

Jaivon Harrison says:

Honestly all his albums are just average but he has major hit singles

philmedone says:

This dude called Post Malone an actual singer. Yeah ok

Mason Tuttle says:

Did this manz just call Nas and Lil Wayne C -B+ rappers

Sparta Lee says:

Holy Mountains ( Intro song ) banging in the Caribbean radio stations now.
Ain't nobody disrespecting the artists ok 😔😔😔

Tha Realist says:

The only songs off the album that actually knock is Higher with Nipsey and dont take my soul with nas and ceelo green. Everything else garbage

Luiz bash says:

The only song is fucked with was “celebrate” by Travis and post Malone

JustAnotherBrotherHD says:

You Stay & Thank You were the best tracks on the album. The some decent songs but the whole project was a. Let down

Ngozi Ukairo says:

You are not a serious reviewer!!!!! You just a hater who does not know much about real music

Rondale Burley says:

Perfect analysis this album stank. For the most part

Batuhan Erdogan says:

Celebrate and Jealous were pretty good imo. Post Malone wasn’t utilized that well though.

A-Z. Badr says:

Not to mention he rips off the beat from "fuck up the club" off of Major Key and reuses it on one of the 17 beats on the intro track.

Caleb Hill says:

This was a good album

teachdontpreach says:

thanks for saving me a few minutes previewing on itunes haha 😉

Collector Clout says:

In other news… water is wet

suksri says:

Father of asahd

Jack Moody says:

DJ Khalid takes rappers and tries to make them pop stars

Kevin Lawrence says:

the same people calling this album a masterpiece are calling IGOR "brainless nonsense"

ChaBoy Jack says:

React to Emotions by Iann Dior, upcoming song of the summer

Yea baby says:

Am I trippin or did the Jay z n future song come out a long time ago?

devilalex5 says:

I dont know what mindset you went with on the album but I thought the album was good and enjoyable to listen to, alot of these songs are summer bangers which was perfect for its release time. DJ Khaled always brought music to have fun and vibe to rather then focussing on bars and lyrical talent.

XXXTentacles says:

5:52 thought my computer froze

Masood Cornelson says:

Cardi stole nicki flow from rich sex

liambc says:

Please do a first reaction to 9TAILS/sewerperson. He’s pretty small but was about to blow up until he announced he was quitting, but he recently started making music again but under the new name sewerperson(almost all his music is under 9TAILS)
I recommend listening to:

Wtf I’m crying
Whatever it takes (he’s a feature,
second guy)
Dnt leave me
Christmas party
Floating away

There are plenty other good ones but I think those are really good songs to begin with

-Sir WESLEE- says:

Don't even get me started with that SZA track….literally wasted a legendary OutKast beat and just threw it over SZA singing her song, ain't even flip the beat or nothing

Deimonte Guinn says:

😂😂😂 bad out of ten

J Dabanks says:

Jamaicans love this album

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