DJ Khaled – Wish Wish ft Cardi B & 21 Savage (Lyrics)

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Petty Hub says:

I don't know about y'all but if I don't like an artist, I don't go an listen to their music hours after they drop. If you don't like an artist just don't listen to their songs, like why are you here? You can't say you don't like someone but be one of the first people to listen to their new song..

Long live Jah says:

🔥 periodt

Lekevia Mitchell says:

Kultures mama did it again 👌

brianne Henry says:

I feel like I am slickrick haha

jennifer torres says:

Who's here for cardi B ? Who's Nicky 🤷🤷

Yogotti Gotem says:

Lord ion even like Cardi but the chorus and the beat slap

Dustin Lewis says:

Why 21 saying he from the south. Where South Wales. Lol.

Nohemi De la santa Grifa says:

21 savage always 😁

Alea Alexander says:

Banging this shit in my car 💯 the bass a real hit 😭💯

Stevie Grant says:

Tracks DOPE but
I like the chorus i wish she changed fishsticks to anything
*Pussy aint new era fitt fitt
*Pussy aint lit lit
Dumb pity chic chic
*Blood no crippin it
*Ferl that breeze no pain kiss kiss if i had a dick youd be on ur knees suck my clit chic im dope u a trip trip u bang em i go click click make em split wuick snitch
Suck dick dick
*Just Cat fishin it
Stank ass click click
5 star chic chic suck a fick dick

Stevie Grant says:

I like cardi but not as much as b4 still dope track

Sabrina vera says:

🔥🔥🔥 cardi just keeps dropping straight fire!!

Priscilla Aggrey says:

is it a diss track

Robyn Hay says:

Whats the intro line saying? Ive checked everywhere, Google doesnt have it either.

Heaven Bradley says:

Can you please do the lyrics to u mad by airi ft rich the kid

Zoe Paulino says:

Cardi and 21 at it again yessssss

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