J.Cole’s Feature On 21 Savage Song “A Lot” Was Worth $634,000 According To Young Thug’s “The London”

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Based on statistics from @HipHopNumbers
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21 Savage: “How much you charge for a verse?”
J. Cole: “A Lot”

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Stylz Og says:

Was just laughing the whole video….thats insane money for a collab but since you collaborating with a legend, a lyrical genius, and a goat it's close to being worth it 600-700, I would settle for that he worth it

Nerd Lyph says:

When he multiplied the adlibs I unsubscribed to prevent such a waste time to ever occur again.

Anthony Viera says:

Cole got us all doing math trynna figure out problems , bringing in some knowledge maybe this what he’s trynna do jus sayin

pat dore says:

634 thousand divided by 11 is how much a bird costs ~

ajayi ayomide says:

Jcole's words are priceless 😂😂😂

GetLitWithBraino says:

I would even pay 2 million 🤣

buckshot da great says:

Def worth it

S Will says:

The power of Investing. Sacrificing what seems a lot today for even more tommrow. 21 playing chess…

Kamogelo Malatji says:

I believe these are facts because the hit Alot went on to be x2 platinum so all that money 21 Savage spent was quadrupled in return

BIGBDABO$$ says:

Shit just think about his verse on moneybagg yo when he speedinup the tempo

Nhlanhla Onlife TV says:

I've never heard such bullsh*t in my life.

Israel James says:

If the opportunity presented itself I'd want him to freestyle two verses and a chorus for me to just produce off my guitar with a band

Chris Larusso says:

Bruh…this some weird shit to post lmao

Mania Beats says:

at this point hiphopdx is a joke to me smh

Dior Don says:

this channel is just running out of ideas now 🤦🏽‍♂️

D. Solomon says:

Damn.. 28 a brick…

Ahmad yaseen says:

And you believe that!?😒🙄😂🤣

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