Lil Nas X – Bring U Down (Official Audio)

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Official audio for "Bring You Down" by Lil Nas X

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Animated by FvkRender (@fvckrender)
Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)

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Child of Contest says:

Guys nas is literally creating a new genre of mixing other genres

Logan Lister says:

Shit stupid asf says the same thing over and over

Shawkenheim says:

Lil Nas X: The last genrebender

ivan _ says:

This man is insane he got 5mil subs in about 3 or 2 months

The_GamingKidd says:

2019 anyone??

Kenneth Young says:

Lil nas has a good songs some good songs emily young

u w u says:

Lil nas X: yes

Producer:I haven't said anything

fake zoo says:

oh finally an actual sounding good song from lil nas x

Vodka for me says:

I was listening to this song off of Alexa and I loved it, didn't know that it was made by Lil nas X but finding out that it was made by him made me like the song 10x more!

carolina hillard says:

wow, this is probably the first album i've heard in forever that has a variety of different songs that everyone can enjoy and sing along! it's bringing everyone together like Lil Nas intended! thank you Nas love it! love you! keep bringing it! <3<3<3

Uriah Murphy says:

lol is he just gonna do all genre's?

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