Lil Nas X – Panini (Lyrics)

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FutureHype says:

Y'all think this lives up to the hype of Old Town Road? 🔥

Rudz putx says:

Panini doent be a meanie

Jaiden Hernandez says:

Why is everyone talking about Area 51

Jaiden Hernandez says:

When u find out he is talking about a sandwich 😂🤣

Cyrisse Owusu says:

This is my jam

Trolley Man says:

Who can hear the old hunting rifle when he say say to me what you want from me or just me🤠🤠

COMPLEX _ says:

Lil nas x: panini
6ix9ine: Fefe
Michael Jackson:hehe
Who else?

glob was here! says:

Why is he talking about a sandwhich?😂

R J says:

Kidd Cudi 2.0 the "happy" version

R J says:

This shit is cold AF. Who gives a damn about his sexuality?

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