Lil Nas X, Travis Barker – F9mily (You & Me) (Official Audio)

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Official audio for "F9mily (You & Me)" by Lil Nas X

Listen & Download '7' the EP by Lil Nas X out now:

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Animated by Anthony Rosati (@thedholes)
Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)

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Dave a Dan Games says:

The video is pure NIGHTMARE FUEL!

Sokaiya Lidaire says:


Julian Polanco says:

Hey guys we are here for another YouTube video of the top 10 weirdest song videos. Starting off with number 10 we have f9mily by lil nas x.

Stink says:

Feels like lil peep is back cause he is good at all music types exactly how peep was :,,(

Ultralogan says:

This some end credits music

Riotic Juice says:

Lil Nas X, isn’t he the greatest accident to ever occur?

Everest Ice Agma says:

The animations on lil nas x’s newer songs are so bad

Nadia K says:

U don’t have to waste time to find diff genre in ur playlist, lil nas got it all

DynamicX says:

Petition if into the spider verse 2 comes out put this song and c7ourse in it

XentricGaming says:

this the type of song to be on the credits of some shitty Nickelodeon Original movie 😭🤣

Water Chicken says:

This sounds like an outro of a movie,, an animated one infact maybe made by disney

I am hacking You now says:

what the actual fuck

Ryan de la Garza says:

Love the drums on this so much I did a cover on my channel. Please check it out and if you like it, feel free to watch my drum covers of Kick It, Panini, and Bring U Down as well. Thanks!

King Ol' Cigaretteo II says:

Sort of getting that sonic movie credits song kind of vibe…let it happen.

Luna Jade says:

You. and me. Yea we. Gotta fix this family. And I know. It’s hard. But in we atlest gotta start. Yea u and me my friend we best bleave we gotta fix this family bleave it takes 2 to get to 3

Uriah Murphy says:

well somebody finna be surfing while listenin to dis with they airpods

no way says:

the meaning of the lyrics is nowhere near to summer scenes or movies credits guys

BT - 7274 says:

Waiting for new town road or old town road 2

Paris Williams says:

This song rock n roll

s o o t f l a k e says:

Late 90s / early 2000s song

SaGaL HuSsEiN says:

Why f9mily sound like a tv show theme show

Mesut Demirel says:

En iyisi bu laa

غازي يُسمح بتغيير says:

بيئلك هادا وٌاحد فات بوٌاحد مالإ حدا يستنا فيه ….

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