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After spending the last few months dominating the Hot 100 chart with his breakout hit, “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X has finally delivered his highly anticipated follow-up, “Panini.” The song is produced by Take a Daytrip and DotDaGenius, and its title comes from a character from the Cartoon Network show Chowder.

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Tia Hill, Producer
Delisa Shannon, Associate Producer
Hillary Crosley Coker, Senior Producer

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unswitchable says:

real niggas watched chowder

Kaden Banta-Martin says:

Lil Nas x is a one hit wonder

Donna Washer says:

Me:panini is not as catchy as old town road
also me:has it set for my ringtone for over 2 weeks

Lil Rail X says:

Old Town Road

Filthy Hilthy says:

Lil nas x imo is trash

Marmelada Luca says:


Kdogbagel l says:

Only real fans know the song this is from

My flow so cold you notice it
My dreams unfold behold the shit

Rhensley2019 says:

Old town road is over played so it's hella annoying but it's a good song none the less

5H4D0W H4ND says:

It's a good song

RIFT Designs says:

Literally panini from chowder is the first thing I thought of and I searched it up and I’m really not dissappointed

thatoneguy withaname says:

0:30 horatio, like if you get it

xecutioner says:

4:07 is that flo from progressive lol

Spilled family sized lasagna on my shoes says:

1,000,056 view. Cool

King Nathan says:

“Maybe it’s like he’s the panini being pressed down” bruh

Sky Avenger457 says:

Hey panini will suck my weenie

Aniyah Smalls says:

Idiot's reacting to Panini?

TheIndieGamerTV says:

Hey if you watched chowder who remembers this? I'm not your boyfriend I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND

Swag Mouse says:

Its about when he was more smaller in the game panini was there for him now that hes big they dont care and their kinda jealous

Alyssa Santora says:

I love this song

Dankus Wankus says:

1:08 he does not know country music

audibleseekz says:

Yo. Are we in the Zoolander Universe? Is Lil Nas X actually Hansel cus he's so hot right now? I feel like Mugatu. Am I on crazy pills?! This song is garbage but no one has the balls to say it.

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