NF – When I Grow Up (Remix) ft. Eminem

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Official Remix of NF - "When I Grow Up" feat. Eminem (Remix by Thug Theory) (2019)

NF - When I Grow Up (Official Music Video)

Eminem - Homicide ft. Logic (Official Music Video)

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Eminem & NF - When I Grow Up (Remix) (ft. 2Pac & Eazy E)

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Mr. Pineapple says:

Don’t do that

Don’t give me hope

Fiction Vs. Reality says:

Can I use this in a video? Like rap it for fun and put it on my channel? It is so sick I want to do it.

Fiction Vs. Reality says:

Can I use this in a video? Like rap it for fun and put it on my channel? It is so sick I want to do it.

Angel Neptali Meza BM says:


Eazy Hard says:

Yo this is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

That King From Jesus says:

The world will explode if they collaborated

Nicolas Ochoa says:

dame u let a fan drive u mad thats fucking hilarious man. feel like that episode off of rick and morty about them heroes who blame their problems on him lol tht how i feel laughing my ass off u honestly bleve tht his best lol he dong give fuck no more hes just intrested too listen too u freaked out and it worked out its funny its like fuckin south park with tht episode about kyles dad only its about rappers gitting mad and losing it welcome too his world while they were playin on stage a rapper or a multitasker who barely gits any sleep and takes tripple the time they do on thinking . ones dying for still being a drug addict and the other is not just being sober and hes going crazy but is it crazyy lol and both mad at this fan rapper give to the fan rapper who made them both made and played them this why you shouldnt be famous cuzz it waste of a lot of time and perks perks like crowds fans and how they did it but their no offence r stupid cuzz the roads they picked had a lot of good things but lotta bad things dame yall fell in his hole and now tht you did you will be able no matter how much u rap or what u been through theres nothing you can do to git out seeya on your next show lololololololl now thts some reall scary shit real shit offence

TheDamianBro says:

Lil Pump – Gucci Gang (Remix) feat. Eminem 😂
For everyone that’s about to trash me, chill, it’s a joke.

Chris Costantinou says:

Why this have only 36k views
Its fucking freeking awesome

SunnySinclair1979 says:

Look at you, you look like a pissed off little kid.

rejava parva says:

Im sad because its fake-eminem part its taken from other songs

Tejendra Sapkota says:

we want real collaboration of u two guyz

James h says:

Good remix em and NF right guy's 👍

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