Rick Ross Ft Drake – Gold Roses Instrumental

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On my life i kilt this beat man i jus need a listen https://youtu.be/4e2sP1xssqk

Steel City Red says:


JMC Second Channel says:

Mikey, you da fukin man

Chronos The Infinite says:

You deserve more subs!

Lex Luger says:

Dam dude u nailed it

beatsby aayush says:

For all those who wanna know what's the vocal sample, it is "Israel suite"

beatsby aayush says:

Man this straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥, you got the flp??

Keeton Rawlins says:

Possibly one of the best track/beat i heard for 2019…..sick!!!!

breezyobeatz says:

If someone here speaks Spanish and wants to hear a remix, here's my own version of it: https://soundcloud.com/fabricio-g-mez-2/breezyobeatz-gold-roses-spanish-remix 😁 thanks Boi-1da for uploading it!!

King LeeBoy says:


Shua Beetz says:

whats the piano sample?

Andre Johnson says:

Bruh the production of this beat is so phucken fiye!

J Buttah says:

Does anyone know where the vocal sample is from? We got the piano sample just don't know where the vocal sample came from.

Jack Bunty says:

Have you got do not disturb by drake? Ik you’re 1-das brother and that.

Love from Ireland

aesoki says:

this was the only good part of the song tee hee

Raceto Cash says:

Can I use this for a cover

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