Rick Ross – Gold Roses (Audio) ft. Drake

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Kid Tuber says:

never thought 2 of the most fake faggots will team up and make a song. but this whaat happens when there are too many fags get famous who never even had a school fight in real life

kenny abiola says:

“Meaning he’ll blasphemy (blast for me) like putting the 6 with the god” oh my fucking god🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hector Rodriguez says:

The thin love only he who walked of in eyes wet team members know hours dreams looking backwards. So many wrote wrong lanes pillow and. Dark is itself expected smile thats life lives are gone fine ways she smile s and lost my heart boo done true can't change what was never to two like different iits road s she smile s while I'm lost

Lmg_bangbang says:


Young Anayaroli says:

Excuse me drake coming at KD like that is not ok


Port of Miami 2 is a weak album tho


Best track on the album for sure .

Future Hip Hop TV says:

Loving this song right here. Keep on doing your thing Ross.

New Single:

allen armando says:

Fire & flame

Kyaire Hutchins says:

Tuscan Leather 3rd verse vibes…..

black kingz says:

this a classic like Aston Martin music

Sharod Banks says:

Instant Classic

Eugene Blyther says:

u sure this ross song lol drake killed it

Vinicius Santos says:

drake and rick ross have to release an album together

Emmanuel Simmons says:

This man drake is God’s gift

Tayjean Brown says:

Replay value×5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

MeikDaSneak says:

Alot to take in and process with this track. So much quality content.

polo mikey says:

Like if lil Wayne should do a remix on this

Andrejr316 says:

This dat 5am drake

Nour Elsayed says:

he will be in the 2020 xxl freshman cypher

Astrid Nitro says:

This is the best drake 💯👏🏽

Tederius Byrd says:

I dont fuck with Drake like that but DAMN this nigga went in and sound like the old drake when he droppes they know

Brandi Powers says:

Rick Ro$$ killed that #Period’t

Hans Reuter says:

On repeat all day.

Nicole Lester says:

Ricky Ross August 9th 2029 independence day

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