Rod Wave – Counted Steps (Official Audio)

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Rod Wave – Counted Steps (Official Audio)

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Young boy Diamond says:

Thank the Lord for a person like rod wave god bless you man you the best

Chanda Morris says:

I needed to hear that

Tiara Taylor says:

Good music to vibe too 🧢💯 even when your back against the wall 🤙🏾

DJ Timoz says:

Immma backkkkk

Thomas hernandez says:

Nocap makes a song with this beat. Someone tell me what it's called

Skye McGowan says:

All virgos check in

K John Sebastian2x says:

This straight cap this Balde beat he did it better

Queen T says:

When I'm feeling stuck ROD I come to you!💙

HighLife Rinaldi says:

Rylo did this sample way more justice

Unkxwn says:

Who tf disliked

Yogi Wilson says:

First time it..

Jasmine Fletcher says:

Even when ya back against the—
Start that shit over !!!! 🗣

Marlyn Jackson says:

Am I the only one still asking why he didn't make a video to this song gah damn .. Shit go hard

von says:

this song too good

Jean Batist says:

Hope I'm gon be alive when rod wave get old and have kids and still make music

Rosetta Adkins says:

Rod wave a God am I right?


God is our strength and his Joy is incredible…

Trin. xoxo_2 says:

“Even tho ur broken and ya past is full of pain Uu gotta keep movin towards better days.”😔☝🏽

Jasmine Roman says:

This my husband he just dont knoe it yet i luv him so much

j.g.n n.e.b says:

Yu from where I'm from prolly new sum of the same niggas I knew in the grave na 💔 I appreciate you jit stay solid💯💞

Say Daddyio says:

Rod wave is a great person to listen to

Sequence Kennedy says:

even when you back against wall wall phone keep ringing even nobody you can call I fell that

William McGowan says:

Stay strong Rod

Clyde Oliver says:

So inspirational

Isabel Vega says:

whattt this song sounds like the exact same as "Land Where it Goes Down" by St Veezy.. wt.f??? still 🔥 tho

Isabel Vega says:

rodwave talkin about teaming up with st veezy? bouta be EPIC 🔥🔥🐐

Isabel Vega says:

rod wave, polo g, st. veezy, n roddy ricch = LEGENDARY COLLAB

Xavier Hunt says:


dominick welling says:

Rod wave is the shit anyone who disagrees is trippin keep doin what you doin #HitEmWithSomeGhettoGosple

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