Rod Wave – Fly (Official Music Video)

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OTG x Bully says:

Who’s still listening in September

Sahara Pezos says:


Debra Peterson says:

He kinda sounded like Jacques fo a min

SND ART 3 says:

Not true wtf this nigga is like other rappers y’all niggas need to wake up. Talking about fund and hoed is the same type of low energy as making you feel sad and depressed. Wake up !

India Stewart says:

Im still here #2020🤟🏾💯💯‼️‼️

Glocky says:

sad the new fans still don’t know about this🤦🏽‍♂️

Kelley Cooks says:

I love him so much😍😍

Lady Peachez says:

I battle with depression on the regular. I know what it's like to go to sleep and not want to wake up. I wish I could fly away all the time. One day the pain will end.

John Doe says:

But i never and may not be able to see or get to you with a good comma. But keep delivering a good message to to youth and us. Life to fuckin short. Get u, make u, but be true to yourself. All prayers do to Almighty…

John Doe says:

I'm truly OG(50) , but keep doing you. I know my life is 0 to your life young man.

Chill Pill says:

That first verse was🔥

Randy Lal says:

We blasting this beat song in Fiji island one love yall world peace all

rishma hazel says:

I felt this song on a high note 📝.

Naddy Livingstone says:

Love him he rap real ness I wud love to meet him

Tyler Scerba says:

He has helped me thru so much I’ve been thru shit like dis I’ve lived a messed up life he the reason I wake up everyday

AngelJ says:

I don't know how you you can hate this man fuck Dem haters keep yo mind on yo grind 🙏 good d bless you all

Slim Vibess says:

I love him so much 🥺❤️ .

Javier Zavala says:

whats that song in the end?

Clifford Lewis says:

"As Nights Turn In To Days I'll FLY AWAY" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Keyana Coleman says:

I love this song I miss my son d-low mom love u

Kate Iezzoni says:

arnold schwarzenegger

Dwone49 says:

Yall Go Peep That Fully x Woodlord "Too Wit IT"

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