Rod Wave – PTSD (Official Music Video)

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Derodney Degrate says:


Jessicaa world says:


Life of a Lonely Looser says: plz check me out bro I'm living on my own since 12 just asking for a little appreciation

Jones Snodgrass says:

cashflukes on telegram is the real plug no doubts have been dealing with him for weeks hit him up for physical or digital cc,dumps with pin ,logs ,fullz ,all dark web stuffs ,fraud bibles,bins,methods and carding tutors

Daniel carter says:

Keep your head to the sky. Real talk 💯

Memnoch says:

anyone listening in 2020?


Everybody say "Rod Wave"😌

T Y says:

I feel for rod wave man. I prey everyone that come into his life after fame is only there to help mend his heart. But boy is that wishful thinking!!!

South Side says:

This song to real 💯💯💯

tea spiled says:

"They say true love never dies but i felled that way when deija left"
Like dhis if yuh like dhat part

Nate Vicious says:

Lmao all the thirst ass comments for likes on here😂🤣

Jay_242 says:

All day rod wave or ntn alot of shit left me scarred but pain make us who we are

Isabel Vega says:

dead serious if not for rod wave new shyt and st. veezy's last 2 songs, i swear i dont think id be here rn 😪🙏

Anthony Sampson says:

Rod wave is my dj all now

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