Rod Wave – Stick & Stones

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MoolahBank says:

Please Subscribe! That’s mean a lot to me!

PSA: Bad News just received a mail 2 copyright strike i won’t be able to uploaded new music for a while now I hope you enjoyed listening 👂 to all of the music i been posting for y’all and enjoyed the ones that WMG haven’t taken down yet. But I will post different type stuff. I Love Y’all ❤️🤟🏾💯

(~Lyrics Down Below~)

“Stick and stones may break my bones hell even words hurt I watch them eat while starve had to wait my turn first they called me selfish tryna live life they tried to hurt my feelings.

Gotta watch yo back can’t be around crabs tryna run yo business pops told me that ace told me that he know my time coming i’m wishing that i coulda told him his time coming.

He thought woadie was his friend he took his life from him I seen death at 16 and I ain’t stop running i just got hit for 30 racks i charged it to the game cause i done broke in people houses caused all kind of pain.

So i’m guessing that this had to be what my momma meant when she told me to slow down karma’s a bitch and ain’t life a bitch they was balling when i was on the bench.

I took so many loses right before this I done been crossed so many times it don’t make no sense but it’s clear now forget we here now.”

miracle and India Forever says:

“He took his life from him”🤒

JS Fadez says:

why isnt this a song

Jasmine Wells says:

I love this song. 🥰❤🎶🎵

Dynadyna37 Young says:

It cant hurt me been put down all my life ..

milo babyyy says:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones.” Juice said the same thing…🥺💔

miracle and India Forever says:

"life an bitch"🤝🏅😔

Taquisha Simpkins says:

I love rod wave

Jerome Porter says:

I felt this song been on repeat for 30mins and still playing

Ghost God says:

Apple Music must stop playing!! WTf is this not on Apple musics??🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Soyhuluh. mii REACTIONS, says:

All rod wave fans y’all okay ?
Cuss I’m hurt his songs tell all my problems.🤦🏽‍♀️💯💔💔

Jackie Fralick says:

I love this guy hes the man so many of his songs remind me if my life its stupid crazy

North Kais Best says:

“I’m wishin that I could’ve told him his time comin” that line hits so much harder now that my fathers gone🤕

Rayyy Buggg says:

Rod whatchu doing hurry up and drop this !🥺👏🏽‼️

gokur16 gokur16 says:

legrend rod

Wanda Dean says:

I love the impression you make of your struggle!!! I know how it feels to be the runt of humanity, that was never suppose to survive!!!#CrazyButterfly

Karen Green says:

Love rod you mad me get out of bed

Spiffy Kayy says:

Real Grown Shit💯💯💯💯💯👂🏽👁

Biggie smalls says:


Larry Johnson says:

💯..Is All I Can Say…

Just The 2 Of Us says:


Louis Green says:

That’s cool


Stick & Stones smh why 🔥🔥🔥😪

Leaked Music says:

He needs to record this

Ghost God says:

I don’t know any song that’s trash from Rod Wave’s music💎💎💎

Spade Boost Power House! says:


Jennifer Williams says:

Everything from the heart and we feeling your pain and sunshine from the rain, storm, and sunny days.

Deron Thomas says:

You gotta say you don’t own the right to the video

Deron Thomas says:

You are a god for this video

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