taylor swift – all behind the scenes # Look what you make me do

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CoolGirl Lps says:

They had the chance to call it a “Taylor Tower” I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed

Karno Nugroho says:

Y'all i just peeped that Taylor watched this channel. Damn sara!!! ♥

erickqerickq says:

I don't like Taylor, but this is amazing

Jo Dalinkus says:

That bling with no carats at all, then again could b a treasure . lol

Moniroth Chan says:

10:35 almost fall
“I was just checking” 😂

Ryszard Loster says:

Do you like taylor

Sumitra Dhanda says:

I wouldn't lie the zombie taylor talking was kinda scary… Cute but scary

paul redwood says:

Look what she's done!!! Smashed up a Bugatti Veyron!!!

pili lopez says:

This video is the coolest thing ever

Anish De says:

Thank you for compiling this!

Fauzan Az says:

I love how she proof to the world that she can dance too . Bcs she always being the victim of awkward dancing bully 😂😂😂 i mean everyone do that

jasmin ꕤི says:

I miss reputation so much but I’m so EXCITED FOR THE LOVER ERA 💗💗💗🥳

minecraft girl says:

Your so funny tylor

arpit singh says:

Get Out of My House!!!!!😂😂😂😂

Po prostu Dawid says:

she worked so hard on this one

meow miss says:

Straight up dead 😂😂😂

meow miss says:

Ok…. she looks even crazier in the behind the scenes than in the music video… wow. Lmao

meow miss says:

But why was the tea cup cgi ?!?!??!? Lmfao

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