Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down Live At Prime Day Concert

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Taylor performing You Need To Calm Down at Prime Day Concert By Amazon Music
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TaylorSwiftAccess says:

Make sure you’re subscribed & don’t forget to like this video! ❤️

Riky Aulia says:

can't wait for august 23rd.

Alexandra Demmelbauer says:

Oh taylor you are so Fake! Just because you need media to promote your Album you fake it in all ways! You dont like LGBT and there rights But you know how to manipulate people such a poor and talend free Person!

Navneet kaur says:

Queen <3

violin musicsound says:

You can't meet someone if you are told: " You must calm down!" , " You must stop!", " Just stop!".

You deny yourself…

violin musicsound says:

Sorry, not "somebody" but "someone"…

wounderous werewolf says:

I love this song its one of meh fav's because it makes me feel way better about myself.im bi

naga akshaya says:

I literally got chills when the crowd sang SHADE NEVER MADE ANYBODY LESS GAY..MY QUEEN

naga akshaya says:

My queen slaying as usual..i love you taylor..i love you

Mysterious Mysteriooo says:

Wow it’s amazing to see how much she’s grown in her music and personality😄💕

Jason Gastrich says:

I was banned from Twitter on the day this song dropped…..because I put a bitch in her place after she told me people should not let their kids around me because I am pro-choice. No joke.

igor 123 says:

Vem pro brasil por favor

andrea cabanes says:

i love you taylor swift

Alyssa says:

God, that make-up is GORGEOUS!

kokizag says:

She's a sweety & very pretty, she wants her music to relate to all shades, colors, genders and size of people, a true artist ❤

Elite says:

she looks like Jessie from Disney channel.

Ramesh Chapain says:

Tylor Swift is ausum

Michelle S says:

So SIMPLE!!!!!!!! Calm down!!!!!

KGB Smirnoff says:

Fuck she’s so hot 💋

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