Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down Music Video |REACTION|

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AJayII says:

I meant Drag Queens, not Trans women smh…Pardon my ignorance. I shall go put on my clown suit now.

H.sely says:

"I see the ponytail, thats Ariana Hunhu"

Stephanie Parrish says:

You need to calm down;)

bye sister says:

2:53 english has left the chat

ello says:

i love the fact that you're so hype XD

Aryan Khan says:

"Is that Mr. Deadpool?" lmaooo

YuSuf TiLLi says:

3:47 – WTF???😂😂😂

Chowder ! says:

Love this so much

älä tule says:

you didn't make big enough deal of Katy🤣🤣😘

Hailey Nicole says:

After she sang FINALLYYYYYYYY I went IM CROSSING THE THRESHOLD only Lana Del Rey fans will know

Frazzled Jess says:

Bitch you TEARIN UP BUT I CAME HERE RUGHT AFTER U REVIEWED THE ARCHER AND SAID U CRIED FOR THE FIRST TIME anyways I cry to this one because I’m so happy and the archer bc I’m sad so always crying

D. M. says:

You give me life 🙌

Esmé Tew says:

Taylor: you are somebody that I don’t know-

Maro Cake says:

Where is Sam Smith reaction?

Jenna Johnson says:

Your reaction to all of this is EVERYTHING!! 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤

Rukhsar Yousufi says:

You’re so disgusting and you want to gain followers by reacting to her music video but during Kim and Kanye drama you were actually talking shit about Taylor

Joel Tanael says:

React to taylor swift's new song The archer💘

Kadir Kadir says:

React to The Archer by Taylor Swift and Hate Me by Ellie Goulding

Tyler Stewart says:


Ernesto Chavez says:

Ajay whats your birthday?

Robert Heslop says:

Took two videos and I'm subbed.

Aaron North says:

I would absolutely LOVE to see you react to some Breaking Benjamin at some point!

Tommy The Music Listener says:

React to “The Archer” by Taylor Swift.

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