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(1 HOUR LOOP) SZA ft. Jacob Collier – Good Days (HD)

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2. (1 HOUR LOOP) SZA ft. Jacob Collier – Good Days (HD)
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love this song. it hasn’t been released on streaming platforms yet and i wanted to listen to it on repeat somehow but couldn’t find a 1 hr loop video on yt so i decided to make one myself haha.

1. Megan Thee Stallion ft. SZA- Freaky Girls (SLOWED & REVERB)
2. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Yuna (SLOWED AND REVERB)
3. SG Lewis ft. Lucky Daye- Feed The Fire (SLOWED & REVERB)

thanks so much everyone for all the love! ❤️let me know if you have any requests & don’t forget to LIKE and subscribe to my channel. stay safe & wishing y’all Good Days.✨


i do not own ANY rights to this song. all rights belong to their respective owners.


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


EMMA J says:

what is she saying? I like don't get me wrong but what is she saying? Someone please help

Rachel Oriuwa says:

this on 2x speed hits different

Lizandro Rodriguez says:

My latest obsession

mulkywae says:

i came here because of nmillz

Sam Arneson says:

how does this make me feel sexy and sad at the same time??

Sam Arneson says:

can we talk about how beautiful she looks wow

Dustin Tidwell says:

I dead ass thought Ty Dolla$ign was the background singer.. 😅 Wow

Yamin Murtem says:

Sad this is not in Spotify and Apple Music

Intuitive Designs says:

never knew i needed this so thank you

osoggy says:

This song makes me so sad, I've never gotten emotional from a song omg

Neitya Gupta says:

I'm just commenting to see if this comment gets liked because all the others are lmao

BangtanGrapes says:

I hate how the radio cuts this part out of hit different like play this too it slaps😭

Francesca S. says:

Writing while listening to this! At least I don't have to press the replay button ever so often hahahaha

drawinglover777 says:

Why on gods earth is this not on ITUNES!!???

gothic lemons says:

“Feelin like Jericho, feelin like Job when he lost his shit” literally hits so different

dark rythem says:

I still can’t have enough of this song 🥰

Pablo MG says:

is this therapy?

meetme4tlake says:

i’m 30 minutes into this loop. am i crazy? lol

Kathleen Lee says:

Who knew I needed an hour loop of this?

random Person says:

Her voice is so beautiful

Nemo TV says:

We gon get through this hunnies 😌❤️

James Wayne says:

She’s never going to properly release this is she 😩

Honeybisq says:

I discovered this song by the end of 2020, couldn't have asked for better closure.

Constança Gonçalves says:

Honestly loving the vibe in this comment section
Sending blessings to all ✨
We’ll get trough this 💖

Memoria James says:

"I try to keep from losing the rest of me / I worry that I wasted the best of me on you, baby / You don't care." 😥


why this got ads? 🤔

Emani says:

I WATCHED THE WHOOOE THING! Now I know the lyrics like I made the song 😏 Thank you!

saniya says:

Here listening until I get tired of it so I can later rediscover it and become obsessed again😭😂

sarahh l says:

This always pops up on my recommendations when I’m feeling so low and I love it

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