[1 HOUR] Polo G – Heartless ft. Mustard

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Polo G Heartless 1 Hour Loop

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Wyatt says:


Bluu says:

I listen to this during working at school.. 😀

lldevelopedll says:

This shxt hit diff

Avery Verbois says:

Me this my favorite song

Skullgrinder318 says:

Remeber me when your famous👍👍👍

Aaron Cruz says:

This song is a hit

coolboy87 says:

i looped it and said why is it going on so long Lmao

Владимир Владимирович Путин says:

Thanks g!!!!!!

jai lisa says:

brooooo i love youuuuu

Muhammad Abid Dar says:

i like lissen to this song eveyday i love it

NRS1 (New Rap Songs 1 Hour) says:

I accidently played this for my school presentation infront of my class.
It was the best accident I ever had.

Trey Lewis says:

This is not a song that you listen to if a girl broke you heart more like telling about us life when he was in the hood

caiden cox says:

i play this music by polo g when im heartbroken and im doing it rn i am depressed thoughts are for people heartbroken like me

Christina Chapman says:

just doing 2x speed on n&m rap god LMAOO

Tommy Farts says:


Spencer Elliott says:

who disliked this

Chryllos III says:

Il be honest, Ive been listening to this song for about a year constantly now, if you got any reccomendations for songs with similar vibes lmk!

Dev Patel says:

bro ur the man 👍👌🧡

Allhailmindofmick He is are king says:

This song is so good

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