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6IX9INE, 50 Cent, Casanova & Uncle Murda – Get The Strap (Lyrics)

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Lyrics for 6IX9INE, 50 Cent, Casanova & Uncle Murda – Get The Strap | Lyric Video


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Dan Leon says:

I think 6ix9ine could have done way better than that.


This has to be in gta5

harrisonhari says:

Power brought me here.. kanan

Xyantii Vu says:

NYC For Y'all 😛

Eric De La Cruz says:

Now i know what 6 9 said

Baby Ephraim says:

50 still one of the hardest niggahs to rap.

Omar Ramirez says:

What’s up with ixine telling men to suck his dick? He seems very sus.

Esteban Sequeira Castillo says:

Thanks 👍

Rbixx Red says:

Someone call the fire department
Yes it’s 6ix9ine again

sami says:

0:46 should rather be: " Check his (insta) gram; see who else been hanging around wit him"

LaFlaminBoomin says:

Imagine 2014 Prodigy on this 🔥

Larry Legend says:

Im ny..dats aight..69 nose se lyrics.

Savage Orax says:

This is dope

I Am Lenny says:

It's yea* not yap

Olivia Taylor says:

Is 6ix9ine talking bout chief keef? B/c at 1:29 it says "gas what I smoke nigga" That's cheif keef line in faneto, and 6ix9ine said it just like him. HELP ME IM CONFUSED 🤣😂 So are they having beef?

Sorry for my grammar

Athletic 03 says:

wrong lyrics mate

PsyQo TaDaa says:

Matter or Fact?

nonononon ggg says:

I like 50 cent part

Isaiah Giles says:

This type tuff

Tola offofme says:

People can read 69 lyrics and still think its lit? WTF!!! Why is this Mexican saying N!gga? Didn't he get kidnapped, Robbed, Gun buck and say im happy to be alive after? Where was all this talk then? I don't even know why anyone listening to 69 anyway! Man can't rap! 2pac just turned in his grave! Smh in disappointment 😔 #GETTHEBIN

Cazza Nova says:

Idk how people are saying this is fire, an autistic 12 year old could write these lyrics lmao

Jj Jose says:


Angelica Maravilla says:

1:58 is when the most valid and relatable verse plays

Marcy Bubblegum says:

50's part killed me.

Moe Moe says:

thanks for the lyrics 💜

Aaron Cook says:

69 fucked the whole song up

justin rhodes says:

50 came back like he was pre get rich or die trying 50.

Diamond 187 says:

Brah i like 6ix9ine biggest troll but srsly what da fuck is that @6ix9ine

DENERO says:

Yeaaaaaaahh gettem 50 cent

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