6IX9INE Feat. Fetty Wap & A Boogie “KEKE” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for “KEKE” by 6IX9INE Feat. Fetty Wap & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

Listen to 6ix9ine’s debut mixtape, Day69: https://6ix9ine.lnk.to/DAY69

Buy/Stream KEKE here: https://6ix9ine.lnk.to/KEKE

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Directed by Figure Eight Films

Filmed & Edited by TrifeDrew & William Asher

Additional filming by

Mixed and mastered by Wizard Lee

Produced by @WalteezyAFN


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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


DionDaReal G says:

1 goofy nigga in this song , guess who it is ?

Delluxe says:

who's watching this in 2020?

Mondrzejek ??? says:

Lil pump : Iluminati
6ix9ine : I'm a Block boy

Eriselda Hysi says:

After trollz

Julian_FL says:

This Song is a legend i wont let this Song die 🌈🌈🌈

Joaquín Videla says:

Fetty Wap CARRIED this track so strongly. I really hoped he would comeback, his music is just something else

EDIT: A Boogie did really good as well

aadil mughal says:

Keke: 149M in 2 years
Gooba: laughs in 147M

99,999 views says:

Bro fetty wap had a goated verse

Faisal Al Olayan says:

Who is the girl in 2:01 that is in the middle with short hair does any one now?

John Lopez says:

What she be up to see her ass on a di. Ck

Madden and Chill says:

Might be a boogie’s hardest 8 lines of his career…

Trevor says:

1:59 somebody knows the name of the girl with the red hoodie ?

Олег Глушко says:

Русские, лайкните коммент как будто я что-то умное написал.

Kajus Gubinas says:


Lalwla Iiaiow says:

He’s changed man

10,000 subs with No videos says:

Fetty wap is the only reason I came back boys

Heavy Chevy says:

A boogie murdered this song; but it will never be heard on my 65 speakers again! 😂 same for my favorite brotha Akon’s song locked up, and we all know whyyyyyy.

alejandro Fernandez says:

Algún espańol todavía?

Qqq Qqq says:


Jus G says:

1:42 anyone notice that absolute giant to the left

boosie 4l says:

Trollz is nothing compared to this

Waspyyy says:

Fetty wap sounds Indian the first part lmao

Conor O'Mahony says:

Aaaahh the days before 69 was a snitch oh how things have changed

Buns ツ says:

This beat hit different🎓❌

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