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AC/DC – Back In Black (Live At River Plate, December 2009)

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“Back In Black” by AC/DC live at River Plate
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‘Cause I’m back, yes I’m back
Well, I’m back, yes I’m back
Well, I’m back, back
Well, I’m back in black
Yes, I’m back in black

#ACDC #BackInBlack #LiveAtRiverPlate


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Mugiwara Nu Luffy says:

Without realizing
Argentina got the best concert in history

Min Khant says:

The core memory

Ninja doggo says:

YEAHHHHHHHHNYEAHHHHHHHHH BECAUSE IMMMM BLACK AND BLACKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I like how the guy in drums has a cigarette

Agustín Murua says:

Que majestuosidad por favor

Andy Javier says:

Obviamente no tiene la misma voz que cuando la grabo pero su voz es espectacular, un genio sin duda

Jesus martin Gutierrez says:

It's really bizarre that a couple of Badass senior citizens can rock harder than the artists that we have today!

Joselo Echeverria says:

The Argentine public is incredible, they know what true rock and roll is! saludos desde Cipolletti!

URGamers says:

yaşlandılar bieee

Pablo Escobar ñañe says:

El público sudamericana es única

suede * says:

와 진짜 ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ 흥이 자동으로 돌아서 빵디하고 머리가 발작을 일으킨다

erwin billik says:

Phill rudd…

Gel Gel says:

im kinda sad i was born in 2003 ASDGWAYUSHD i really want to attend one of their concerts ASIDYHWAUID

Narl says:

3:26 when your rockin to the beat and his enjoying a smoke!!

damian lugones says:

Nunca pude superar este recital, y seguramente será por el resto de mis días.

Nathanael Ciranni says:

🤘🏼🇦🇺🤘🏼 rocking out to my fellow aussies at 1am 😎🤘🏼

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