Aminé “ONEPOINTFIVE” (First Reaction/Review)

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What’s good ya’ll,
The yellow boy Amine just dropped his follow up project to Good For You. Hopefully it has more vibes and mellow tracks for us to enjoy.
1. DR. WHOEVER – 1:10
2. HICCUP (feat. Gunna)– 3:01
3. REEL IT IN – 3:50
4. BLACKJACK – 4:36
5. WHY? – 5:26
6. SHINE – 6:39
7. CHINGY – 7:23
8. DAPPERDAN (feat. G Herbo) – 8:35
9. CANTU – 9:52
10. SUGARPARENTS (feat. Rico Nasty) – 10:37
11. STFU2 – 11:19
13. TOGETHER – 13:21

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Snapchat: bezzybez


CarinaChristo says:

I love aminé 💛💛💛great vid,, u from boston ?

Ivy Joy Apuang says:

Pls do a review on russ' album 💛 he's gonna drop a new one on the 7th!

Ivy Joy Apuang says:

New subie here!! I hope you'll also do a reaction vid on russ' album. He'll be droppppiing it ont the 7th!!!!

Ivy Joy Apuang says:

Aminé 🍌🍌💛💛 my banana boi.

Mekhi Love says:

Hey rickey thompson…

M I says:

those are my four favourite as well, fully transported me, idk I think I just like it when he sings

belencita says:

totally agree. i didn’t really like the bass beat tracks, sounded kinda basic?? aminé definitely has his own sound and it goes so smooth with lyric heavy melodies idk just my opinion

Marc Alvarez says:

React to Russ the flute song

Keller says:

You should check out Saba's CARE FOR ME album. It didn't get nearly the attention it should have.

RatDADDY420 says:

It slapped so fucking hard

ayua johnson says:

Bro, I'm sad. Sugarparent is my favorite dude!!!😂

Cole Mercer says:

Amine is the goat

Gamer/Tech Vidz says:

G herbo never raps on beats lol

Tru3 Gamer says:

Album 🔥💯

KendrickLmao says:

Ay bro, instant like for putting those time stamps. More youtubers need to smarten up and do that. Good lookin out!

Just Jabsey says:

hey i love this channel

Raul Pina says:

Throughout the whole album he talks about his flaws fears but then the following track is the complete opposite.

K Francisco says:

First track got me hooked

Guillermo Dominguez says:

REEL IT IN is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Patrick Salazar says:

You're one of my favorite YouTubers now. You just seem so chill and awesome.

Patrick Salazar says:


TCG_laceless says:

this album full of bangers aminé da goat simple

Ricardo Gzz says:

Amine sucks ass

Carson Giberson says:

subscribed now first video i saw from you and i love it!!

libra says:

Aminé toooooo dope!

YS1 Nation says:

Why I love ur voice

Gabe Hupf says:

I hated this album so much, good for you was much better

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