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Amine not long after becoming a XXL Freshman in 2017 release his debut album “GOOD FOR YOU”, now a year later we have a follow up project titled ONEPOINTFIVE released on Youtube & Spotify so far. Will it impress?

Amine – ONEPOINTFIVE Full Tape
1. Dr. Whoever
2. Hiccup featuring Gunna
3. Reel It In
4. Blackjack
5. Why?
6. Shine
7. Ching
8. Dapperdan featuring G Herbo
9. Cantu
10. Sugarparents ft Rico Nasty
11. STFU 2
12. Rachet Saturn Girl
13. Together

Best Tracks – Rachet Saturn Girl/CANTU/Dr. Whoever/Reel It In/Blackjack

Worst Tracks – Together/WHY?

Thanks for watching & have an awesome day


Baka X says:

Listen to odie

Yasmin M. says:

6:54 literally me everytime I listen to Amine & I get in my feels ✨😂

Henry says:

Out of order

So Kawaii says:

WHY? is WHY? a worst track it’s one of my favorites on the album

TayTay Love says:

Lolll i don't understand why people are so mad at Nike for putting Colin Capernick in a commercial…freedom of speech is a goddamn RIGHT of any American citizen whether it be bad or good. Can't people speak out on their beliefs and how they feel without other people making a bunch of hooplah. He was in the commercial okay…move tf on

Skinny Boyk says:

Aye my nigga did you ever react to humble beast ?

MAC CHZ says:

Shawn Cee was boycotting Nike before it was cool

Yes Its me says:

Hhehe ordering the adidas nmd right now.

So Kawaii says:

Shawn cee stopped dry snitching

Bretton Dufresne says:

Brother Shawn, I'm wondering if you would be willing to go back to 2017 and do a reaction to bishop Nehru's album "Emperor Nehru's New Groove" I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Peace and blessings from Canada.

Selam Girmay says:

I was cringing cus you listed to the outro as the intro I couldn’t handle it 💀💀💀

Elijah Logan says:

its John Varvatos btw


Shawn sounds like the whites when Kaepernick got that ad from Nike in the beginning lmaooo

George Chachkes says:

That intro aged badly

Jawon says:

Does he not rate the albums anymore

Tommey says:

can you react to some gunna

Lena Hedger says:

I’m not gonna lie I didn’t even know who this was. Thank you for introducing me to someone I really didn’t know anything about. I am going to check out his work I like what I am hearing so far. I have probably heard him before but didn’t really pay attention. NIKE SUCKS!! They better RECOGNIZE ! The power of the CEE Followers hahah .

KXNJJI says:

I think that's the wrong order….

Jace McGee says:

What’s that album on your left with the zebra print looking pattern on it. It looks familiar.

sean park says:

People sleeping on this album

omar el azzouzi says:

Fyi 'Amine' is actually pronounced 'A-MIN' not 'A-MI-NE'.

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