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Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey – Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) cover by GM gurls

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#dontcallmeangel #charliesangels #arianagrande

Hi guys! apakabar nih! yash finally GM gurls comeback dengan formasi baru nih guys! jangan lupa comment , like dan subscribe ya guys!

Produce: @reza_grande
Ass. Production: @hanasetiaa @sullyaurellow @hendraabagoes
Super talent: @ryan.plv @mrfsnjy @aryafebriannnn
Direction: @bagusmester x @reza_grande
DOP: @bagusmester
Final editing : @bagusmester x @arthurgabryos
Arrangement: @ihza_addin
Mixing: @kardoarghost
Make up: @makeupbyhefty @apryana_wijaya @makeupby.cath
Dress: @berry.cloth
Sponsored : @udictionary_indonesia
Place : Vila nuri

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Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Shone Vlog says:

Hahaha so funny


Stop spoofing me Tegal! Love your self and stop love me or follow me Tegal! Don't call me angel Tegal because i never falling in love with you Tegal!

Bagas Darmawinata says:

Ini Yang Nama Adik Nya Jelita Itu Ya ???

Arianator forever says:

This is so cool 😎 song

Pit Beckius says:

Sorry kanner mais dat do war net immens

aprilia arieska says:

Whats wrong with lana??

NOHUN says:

What in the BTEC Ariana is this?

tiazz says:

Suara puyu parahh😍🔥

bck bck says:

untung g milih naya,jadi apa

Arkena Asferand says:

kereeennn parahhhh!!!

nadya putri aryono says:

Ryan pasrah aja ding ngakak

what Double say what says:

Love Miley cyrus

ARRR says:

Ryan,, ngakak gw,

syeira putri says:

Kerennnnnnn asli

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