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Avril Lavigne – Hot (Official Music Video)

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Avril Lavigne’s official music video for ‘Hot’. Click to listen to Avril Lavigne on Spotify:…

As featured on The Best Damn Thing. Click to buy the track via iTunes:…

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You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
It’s so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream
You’re so fabulous
You’re so good to me baby, baby
You’re so good to me baby, baby

I can make you feel all better, just take it in
And I can show you all the places you’ve never been
And I can make you say everything that you’ve never said
And I will let you do anything again and again

#AvrilLavigne #Hot #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


alejandro font says:

I was 17 when this came out! awww 🙁

fefe aki says:

me encanta esta chica lpm tremenda mujer q afortunado el q esta con ella

Jb Banzon says:

avril can be the next Harley Quinn

King Kobra Joe says:

This song is my Childhood, I literally fell Head over heels for her when I first heard this.

Ura Sarapin says:


Wesley Marley says:

Linda sua fã

laura arboleda says:

December 2018❤️❤️

Walter Orué says:

When you set ringtones to your contacts… This was my first love ringtone, anytime he texted me she sang "you make so hot…" good mmrs.

Russell Lewis says:

wow the polish and french and well everything HOT!

Jeremy Johnson leh go! says:

I’m getting 😴 this 🎄 🎈

Queen B says:

Tb when I was 8

Jak Griffin says:

Lmao you kids think this is old

pooria rmd says:

Mom 😍😭😭😭❤❤

PiggyLuvin Gal says:

The music video does not match the mood of the song at all. The feeling depicted here is that avrils fans think shes hot. It feels full of herself. But the song seems like an ode to a powerful crush between young people. A video where two teens drove around, fall in love, and have one grabby closet scene would be much better suited i think

falley uiop says:

avril lavigne & taylor swift

ran dolf says:

Who's here after her new song?😄

Mágico EST.1995 says:

pls stop show me songs from Jade Bird pls VEVO

Michela Prince says:

Avril is on fire!

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