Bang Em Smurf Tells Uncle Murda To Fall Back From Dissing Lil Reese "He Is Chicago's Grim Reaper"

Bang Em Smurf Refuses To Speak On 50 Cent:

Bang Em Smurf’s Son TAH BANKS 1st Video “Smacked With The Bag”

Bang Em Smurf speaks on Uncle Murda Dissing Lil Reese On His 2019 Hip Hop Rap Up With Mikey T The Movie Star On The Keeping It Real Podcast Smurf Reflects On Lil Reese Getting Shot Recently and Surviving Stating “It Wasn’t His Time Yet” Check Out The Full Episode Of Keeping It Real To Get His Full Thoughts..#BangEmSmurf #KeepingItReal #MikeyTtheMovieStar

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