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Ben Platt – Bad Habit [Official Video]

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Ben Platt’s debut album Sing To Me Instead is available now:

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Fans worldwide fell head over heels for Ben Platt during his Tony® Award-winning turn in the title role of Dear Evan Hansen and on-screen in films such as the Pitch Perfect franchise. As the vocalist, actor, and performer sang life into a host of nuanced and fascinating characters, audiences embraced his voice wholeheartedly. By dusting off the piano, picking up a pen, and singing his own truth straight from the heart, he shared another side of himself as a solo artist.

Ben achieved superstar status as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen, originating the lead role. The New York Times lauded him as a “breakout star,” and he went on to receive the 2017 Tony® Award for “Best Actor in a Musical.” Other honors included “Best Musical Theater Album” at the 2018 GRAMMY® Awards for the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Dear Evan Hansen, “Outstanding Musical Performance in a Daytime Program” at the Daytime EMMY® Awards for a cast performance of “You Will Be Found” on The Today Show, and more. Not to mention, he joined forces with Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda to craft a mash-up of “The Story of Tonight” and “You Will Be Found,” benefiting the “March for Our Lives” anti-gun violence movement.

Signed to Atlantic Records by Chairman and C.E.O. Craig Kallman and President of A&R Pete Ganbarg, he explored his formative influences, ranging from timeless singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King to legendary crooners like Donny Hathaway, Ray Charles, and Stevie Wonder. As a result, the music delivers confessional lyricism by way of soulful intimacy as part of one cohesive narrative on his 2019 full-length debut, Sing To Me Instead. The 12-track album, which was primarily produced by Jenn Decilveo, chronicles the highs and lows of a transformative relationship. Showcasing his story, Ben penned several songs solo and co-wrote the remainder of material alongside the likes of Ben Abraham, Eg White, Nate Cyphert, Michael Pollack, and more.

#BenPlatt #BadHabit #SingToMeInstead


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Woah this is amazing! Not bad


🎄FrostySav 🎄 says:

Hello people with good music taste

Pegg Chatterson says:

He is awesome

Joker says:

Damn i finally found this i forgot this song 1 year ago

Carson Suite says:

Drops of Juniper better get a shout out haha

mona feili says:

can't say how much i loved it!!!!!!!!!

Carlos LABARTA says:

What about singing with David Archuleta, Ben? It'll be amazing…

Keith Allen says:

I love this so much Ben. Thank you. 😊

Timothy Foster says:

I miss you Mr Pursel

우왕작물 says:

I think I love you Ben Platt!

Leonardo Silva says:


DeJanay Dyson says:

Someone pls pls!!!!! Pls help me get Ben Platt on the blue wall someone from Terrell followers help out another follower I love you Ben pls take care of you health and mental health as well I know that sometimes it can get to you and bring you down bc everyone is expecting a lot from you I just, I just you doing okay mch love 💙💙❤❤❤

Trenton Bicknell says:

I always come back to hear this man's voice! It's so smooth! 😍😢😁

Andrea Hornok says:

amazing voice..beautiful soul..a treasure…

Britney Wilson says:

This is beautiful Ben. Absolutely blew my mind. Side note, a good amount of my family is deaf but would still love this song. Would you consider subtitles? It'd be really cool 🙂

Adrienanana says:

Ben, I see your heart. marry me already <3

Ranno Rachman says:

If you are mistaken, that's fine. Let me go wrong.

chigozie odo says:

This man is perfect 😍

Tavimba christmas says:

Love all the way from South Africa ❤

Xerxes Raquinio says:

Ed Sheeran brought me here. I'm related vid guy

alluka❤︎ says:

You got the magic in you ben (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Emmamimili says:

Ed Sheeran got "Bad Habits", Ben got only "Bad Habit"

Manuel Campuzano says:

Why haven't I heard this song until recently, it's probably because there's so much garbage on the radio, his voice is incredible, I don't know who's idea it was for the video but whoever it was they didn't have a much imagination, some singers seem so much better singing live, Diana Ross being one, I saw Ben singing this on Late Night and he was awesome

Nadia Nobles says:

I know this comment will get lost among the other +3k comments and won't be seen by most people or Ben Platt, but I'm gonna do this anyway.
I'm a 20 year old female and I have been going through a rough patch in my life for the last 5-6 months and have attempted suicide twice and my last attempt ended me in a mental hospital. The reasons for my suicide attempts were due to anxiety. Number one thing that caused me anxiety was a guy who was a former friend (FF) of mine of 2-3 years.
FF had sexually assaulted and harassed me, insulted my family (my bio dad and mom had me in college), made wild accusations about my sexuality (I came out as bisexual at the time), basically saying the reason I was bi was because my bio dad was a poor father figure (tbh he never really was or is one my legal dad is) and my mom hated me because I was a failure.
That last part was a sore point for me in many ways because he knew my mom and I never had the best relationship and didn't like talking about my bio dad.
A couple weeks after school ended, FF had a graduation party in another city at his grandparents' house and invited me to come with him to meet his family members. I accepted the invitation, but little did I know everything would change.
That weekend was the start of a sexual nightmare. He got me alone and began touching me. Afraid and confused, I answered yes to what he said/asked and things escalated to more touching.
Before that weekend, I thought he would never do that. I knew he was into me romantically, but I wasn't ready for any relationship other than just being friends nor was I interested. We had been close friends and bonded, went to a couple dances as friends (he asked me to with him to his prom because he didn't want to be alone).
He never raped me, due to his belief of not having sex before marriage, and I started saying no and that I might be a lesbian, which he brushed off and I was too cowardly to enforce. I never told anyone what was going on and when he went out of state for college, I felt so relieved.
But then came December 2019.
I had changed in those months since he left and made friends that I knew he wouldn't approve of and I jokingly said that friend was my girlfriend. He flipped out and threatened to out us, which I panicked about. I didn't give two shits if he outed me, but he was NOT going to out my friend who suffered with depression and anxiety to the point where she had frequent panic attacks. She had one that day and I snapped at him, telling him I would hate him forever if he did so and left the room.
He outed us to a teacher and our parents, which resulted in me getting a lecture and my friend with a warning.
FF then sent me an email 2 days later to inform me he was cutting ties with me and to not contact him. I freaked out again, crying, calling and texting, saying sorry and to please talk but to no avail. That was the worst Christmas I had by far.
Six months later he texted me, saying he wanted to talk, but I shut him down.
After that moment, I was looking over my shoulder, scared I would see him and that he would try to have sex with me. This heightened after a panic attack last February and was a contributing factor to my suicide attempts.
After I came out of the hospital, I began thinking about him and wondering if I should go back and say something when I came across this song.
I will say my worrying about FF has been a "bad habit" and I "hate to say that I love [him], hate to say that I miss [him], hate to say that I want [him] but I do" and I "hate to say that I'm lonely, hate to say that I miss [him], hate to say that it's dark in here, but it's true" and as I've listened to this song, even though this may not have been the intended message, but I saw this song as a way to say goodbye to that friendship for good. Though I continue to worry about him occasionally, my parents and friends have helped me to get away. I really felt like he "quiet the voices in my head, make them to sing to me instead" and have wanted to ask "can I lean on you?" and "can you help me out?" because I felt he could give me the comfort I needed.
My parents definitely saw "me smiling with tears in my eyes" after he sent me that email, trying desperately to hold it together. Despite this, I crumbled and cried, having the worst week in my life.
And to my FF if you ever see this and I doubt you will, I will admit a part me still wants you in my life but I "hate to say that I love you, hate to say that I need you, hate to say that I want you" but I will never accept you back.
Thanks for reading, if you've gotten this far, and remember you matter. And thank you Ben for making this wonderful song.

Lindsay Horgan says:

This sounds like Demi Lavato’s “Anyone” …

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