Billie Eilish & Rosalía – "Lo Vas a Olvidar" TRACK REVIEW

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Kenmoops says:

It was okay but the autotune really turned me off, I only like autotune if it's used properly (Compton by Kendrick Lamar, any Travis Scott song etc.)

Aldana Fungueiro says:

Don't forget that this isn't just a song, is part of a soundtrack for a tv show. It needed to fit the episode and the vibe and partner with the story.

mafer says:

honestly after listening to this i listened to rosalia even tho i already liked her, and they got p similar voices

Kathryn Morey says:

Listen with expensive headphones or speakers and your opinion will definitely change

Lara Somaschini says:

Thought the same thing about the voices sounding "melded together". I couldn't tell the difference between them and it's a shame because they both have very unique styles. They've played it too safe. (I get the whole hbo series thing etc).
However, this track maintains its heart-felt atmosphere the whole way through. It keeps me gripping… very sweet. The last line gave me the chills when i listened for the first time. Forevah!

efe ukukır says:

do you have a Plastic Surgery Disasters album cover behind you?
god i loovveee thattttttttt

Santiago Valenciaa says:

English listeners: I wonder what Rosalia is saying
Spanish listeners: I wonder what Rosalia is saying

J. Alexander says:

I like the song but it’s definitely not up to par with what I’ve come to expect from Rosalia or even Billie. It seems like a watered down version of both of them.

abu says:

how does his itunes look like that

Tom-Bot says:

I think I've listened to this song enough for a lifetime. One time.

In my own little corner says:

It wasn't long enough

fuckin zeus says:

Everyone wants to be Spanish now huh

pazz says:

let's be honest, it was s**t

Federico Chopin says:

looks like Rosalia has let go of her Spanish accent for a (subtle) faux carribbean one?

pocket wizard says:

The vocals are amazing but it felt like it was building up to something and then it just ends 😐

Zachary says:

If Daft Punk ever does more music, I think they should do a collab with Billie Eilish

Dralon says:

The title of the tracks says it all, i already forgot it

Kirsten A says:

I know Billie loves working with her brother, but I think she needs other producers in the mix at this point (finneas being the main producer of course) for a different sound.

Dafne R says:

people is forgetting this song is for a damn show honestly there are some patterns they had to follow! the song changed like 7 times! this wasn’t the original production….

luna white says:

just for clarication: yes, i'm a billie stan, but i'm also 30 and able to see sensible criticism. like, i still remember that all celebrities are still just the common mortals not some ideal demi-gods.
so anyway….

i agree that this song could have some more intense moments, but also this argument seems to me constantly repeated about billie's music. either her singing style is "too soft, almost like the wisper it's too delicate" or "she is just making edgy songs for the sad teens™ " but almost NEVER do i see in those reviews a proper lyrics analysis, or about the story and the atmosphere. also that's her version of pop music, she's not trying to be another britney spears ffs (no offence to the queen😌)

ropomkpo says:

The song title is perfect, i forgot about this song immediately

brainpalsey says:

it kinda felt like they just put Rosalia's voice over a track from M83's album Digital Shades Volume 2.

Boris Stevanovic says:

This song. Reminds me of ameno

Aidan Denny says:

nice sweater

Dude Mate says:

I think it's a grower. I really like it after multiple listens and prefer it over "Therefore I Am". Pumped for the next album, with only the first single out I was thinking it's mostly gonna be more of the same, but this track got me hyped.

Edit: Oh it's just for a show 😂

DOPE 19 says:

Where’s that review Of the new weezer single fantano !

Sarah Gilmour says:

This song seemed so boring, I had to skip some of it and I NEVER do that. Just a bunch special effects, poor hook, lacks substance. I agree with this guy.

nomadine85 says:

When it comes to the song itself, I must admit that I wasn’t as impressed as I usually am with Billie’s songs. Usually my reactions are more along the lines of “Howwww are they so gooood” and I can go into pages of excited analytics. But with this song I felt a little irritated.
1. Auto tune. Why. No. I know Billie and Finneas have said that they’d only use auto tune deliberately for stylistic choices and that they usually don’t, but I really don’t like auto tune. I know that’s a personal preference, but I felt disappointed by that. (Although, to be fair, when they used auto tune in When I was Older, I loved it. It’s one of my favourite songs not only from Billie but ever).
2. The second to last line was, to my ears, really awkward in terms of its structure an execution, like it’s not entirely sure where it’s supposed to go. It grates my insides every time, and ruins that amazing final sentence that lyrically is so Billie in its badassery. It’s a perfect piece of writing, but even though it references the poison at the beginning of the song, it doesn’t feel integrated, it feels stuck on at the end.
3. Musically and lyrically this song seems frustratingly internally copy pasted. One of my favourite things about Billie’s songs usually is the level of variation one gets to experience throughout, while there’s still consistency. In this song, however, I felt like I could almost hear the blocks of the recorded vocals and visually imagine how they look copy-pasted to elongate the song, then with additional details added in the shading underneath to tie it together.
4. To me, the song sounds like a draft with existing blocks of suggestions, like a presentation so the structure of a song is understood… which should then have been recorded again. It feels like a collage, rather than the nuanced, detailed, thought out, consistent, quirky songwriting I have come to expect from Billie. It feels like I’m listening to an art student’s collage of magazine cut outs of a Monet and a van Gogh painting, rather than seeing a Van Gogh painting with all its intricate brushstrokes, compositions and colour combinations in person in a museum.
Sorry, I’m just quite disappointed in this song, even though their voices are beautiful, even though the Spanish phrasing is varied enough and melodic, it feels clunky in its interaction with the English lines. In terms of where they could have pushed it, and what could have been done with the song, this was merely adequate to my ears.
Imagine an overlapping canon of intertwined languages in their rhythm. Not just layered, but exploratory. Imagine variations of the same meaning, without exact repetitions of the same sentences. I think that’s what frustrates me as well, there’s so much potential, and where I am usually mind blown by the creativity and layered depth of Billie’s songs, this one feels… cookie cut, then patched up and slathered in sugar to cover up the lines. Yeah, sure, it still tastes nice because the ingredients are still what they are, but it’s something I’d eat myself then learn from it in order to do it properly next time.

What I did like in the song was
1. Their voices are beautiful. The second line, the lower register of the melody, grips me every time, not only when billie does it in the first section but also when they flip and rosalia does that part. I like their voices together and they evoke a beautifully balanced and equal relationship of their voices.
2. That atmospheric, intimate, ethereal space surrounding their voice was stunning. The buzzing underlying sound that is so cinematic and ominous and very typical for Billie, especially in production of their songs they’ve created for soundtracks, but also in that rattling bass of the final part of Bad Guy, that is like it’s own contained song, which has some of my favourite production of any of their songs (incidentally, that part was produced by Billie herself). But also present in songs like When I was Older and No Time to Die.
3. I really appreciated the grammatical choice of the Spanish lyrics, creating a variable consistency between the (few) sentences (that were repeatedly used). It was appropriately indicative of the position of the singer (passive) as well as beautifully melodic.
4. While the chorus was more of an audio pattern than a lyric, I appreciate the melodic variation of one of the repeated lines towards the end of the chorus
5. That last line is 👌🏽 lyrically just perfection, but I feel like it should have been the hook of an entirely different song rather than a little sticker slapped onto a song
6. I like that you can’t see what Billie is wearing at all in the video. The focus is heavily on her face, hair, and nails. At times she seems to float in the darkness, which is very reminiscent of the soundscape of the song. I don’t think Rosalía’s visuals were very tied in with the song, which I think annoyed me a bit as well. It seemed like the focus was more on her looking stylish than telling the story of the lyrics of the song. I doubt this would have happened if Billie had been in charge of the video, or at least of all the styling. The video atmosphere and direction itself is very appropriate and pretty.
7. Rosalía’s contribution to the song feels a lot more substantial than Billie’s. Her Spanish lyricism is more on point than Billie’s “okay so what would kind of match that in a way that ties the song up together well enough…” although her lyrics were simpler and more repetitive than Billie’s lyrics, it seemed like Rosalía’s song, that was then given to Billie to finish, and with the lack of control over it all, needing to work with what exists, Billie added her stickers and decorative washi tapes in Song form. Billie will usually do fifty takes until something is exactly right. But I don’t think she had the guts to tell Rosalía, someone she’s had a crush on since she was a young teenager, to do so to the extent she would force herself to do it. I think Billie needs to not collaborate with her crushes. Their first song Ocean Eyes, which she “allowed” her childhood crush JB to re-do was terrible. And I think Billie knows it, too, but she likes the person to much to say anything. She’s very clearly said that collaborating is too much hassle. I kind of agree with her. Her other collaborations that she’s done were great – but they were also not with people she’s had crushes on. The best one is “Lovely” with her friend Khalid, which was a genuine collaboration, before either of them were super famous. Then there’s the bond song “No Time to Die”, which was less of a collaboration but fully Billie’s vision with Finneas, even though they worked WITH an orchestra and Hans Zimmer, and finally, a remix of one of her songs, where Vince Staple’s rap part is inserted as a section that works really, really well (&burn).
8. The fact that it was in Spanish as well as bilingual was a big big plus of the song, not only stylistically (the Spanish parts) but also sociologically (the kicking linguistic imperialism in the nuts part). Billie singing Spanish is also just wonderful in itself.
9. The video’s visuals I think fit the song really well, with its haze and interplay of cool and warm lighting sources, the dark ominous space, the cinematic opacity and overlay, the detailed particles in the air much like the detailed particles in the production of the song itself. The only thing that ruins the video for me is Rosalía’s outfit. It’s so not ambient, which everything else is, even if it may look cool in a dance video or on a red carpet or whatever. The nails were interesting at least, and something they both clearly share, so I appreciated that it was something they had in common (like in one of the lines of the song).
10. Overall it’s still a pleasant song to listen to because their voices are beautiful and the production of the atmosphere carries it nicely enough. Even though I have issues with it, I’d place the song in the bottom few of Billie’s song collection, but I’d still consider the song to be in the top quarter of pop songs in general. It’s nice and quirky enough in the wider pop landscape, but merely adequate in the Billie landscape. That’s what I think, personally.

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