Bizzy Bone Carbon Monoxide Reaction (Fish Out Of Water Series)

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amkrajc says:

I hope you watched the video…. it's a vital part of the ingredients.

Ty Bonds says:

Lazy got another one called annihilation check that out

Bryon Mccane says:

U look over 40 doin reaction videos… U a BUM 😂😂😂 with a pink bed sheet background

rail link says:

dude lazy song wasnt that bad considering the migoes are way trash

Gabriel Agosto says:

Good reaction but in order to understand the song need to break it down need to pause

Gabriel Agosto says:

murda whats the case that they gave me (Easy e voice )

Cali Fornia says:

The tracc is 🔥 🔥🔥 ppl need to actually pay full attention from the intro follow thru by his spit ⛽️ gassing em give em that Carbon monoxide ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

Sincere Bone Devotion says:

I'm surprised you thought Lay let you down. Aside from the mixing the the first 5 seconds of his song he went in on facts I think when people think dis they think Hit em up what would u do ether ECT but the history isn't there so they can only give so much. I'm glad u Liked it for the most part tho. I thought BB Smurdered 😂 this track 😂😂😂😎

Hardwork Inc says:

Stop Hating on Lazy wierd nigga…😁

NPC 158761 says:

Your review sucks. Thumbs down. Don't disrespect the chorse.

Trav James says:

Can u do young devi d don't judge me

Zechariah Cole says:

Thank you for the good reaction

Joseph Aguirre says:

I hope you looking at the video….this is the best jam and video

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