blink-182 – Big Day Out 2000 | REMASTERED

blink-182 live at Big Day Out Sydney, Australia, 2000. 01. 26.
Full show.

0. Interview – 0:00
1. Family Reunion – 08:13
2. Dumpweed – 8:45
3. Don’t Leave Me – 11:53
4. Pathetic – 14:46
5. What’s My Age Again? – 18:34
6. Blow Job Song – 21:56
7. Aliens Exist – 22:54
8. Going Away To College – 26:57
9. Mutt – 31:06
10. Genie in a Bottle/All The Small Things – 35:40
11. Untitled – 39:59
12. Carousel – 44:25
13. The Country Song – 47:33
14. Dammit – 48:13

It’s finally done. This project took over 2 years on and off, and I’m incredibly happy that I’m finally able to release it. Here’s a short summary of this whole thing: I got the full source file from KhAoS, and started color correcting it manually. I experimented with interpolation and noise removal, but ended up scrapping both in the end. I instead deinterlaced the master to 60fps (technically 50fps; every 6th or so frame is a torn duplicate of the previous/next frame, but I couldn’t be bothered to remove them one by one; it can’t be done automatically as the faulty frames shift every once in a while). Then about a year ago I saw that David French, the uploader of the most viewed versions on YouTube was streaming; I popped in his chat and soon we started talking about blink, and he later sent me the 3 masters for the rebroadcast songs; these are WMAA, ATST and Dammit. They are from a different source, and were captured digitally, and are of much better quality than the rest of the show. However, only one it in 50fps; Dammit and WMAA are 25p. I needed to interpolate these two videos to make them blend seamlessly with the rest of the footage. To avoid artifacts I decided to use DAIN which is one of the most advanced video interpolation softwares out there for the public right now. However, my old graphics card couldn’t handle this task, so I had to buy a new one. This in turn meant that I had to change my PSU. After replacing these parts I ran the program with no issues. So when I had all the sources in the project, I realized that my color correction to match the VHS version to the digital ones (which contain the correct colors, not altered by the tape) wasn’t the best. That’s when I started looking for a tool that would do it automatically; after a while I stumbled upon DrDre’s program on the Original Trilogy Star Wars forums; he uses it to match the higher quality versions of the movies to the original cuts in color (the originals are usually available in inferior quality compared to the special editions). After applying the automatic color grading to my footage, it was starting to look really good. I did some final manual grading, patched up the audio a bit and gave some parts of the video their unique grading. I have upscaled the full thing to 4k as YouTube gives more bitrate the higher the resolution. Having the full show complete, I made the trailer with help from David Parke from our Discord server. And with that, after 2 long years, the definitive BDO remaster is finally complete.

Special thanks to:
KhAoS182 for the VHS source footage.
David French for the 3 rebroadcast songs source footage.
DrDre on the Original Trilogy forums for his color matching tool.
David Parke for his help with the trailer.
Jordan and Matt for keeping my motivation up along the way.

blink-182 Discord server: