Blueface “Next Big Thing” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for “Next Big Thing” by Blueface.

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Sr Rose says:

Blueface vs the beat

Tanori says:

he raps 3 days before the best gets there

Oh maH Gawwwddd says:

The kid doesn't wanna kiss his father.

LiL KriptifY says:

The king of rapping off beat

Nour says:

ay that gucci belt fake af, ioffer da plug

Jackson Riedell says:

blue face is reveloutionary hes rapping in echo location

coolxwhipz says:

This boy out here wasting good beats.

Idk Anymore says:

Every three seconds he talks sounds like somebody stepping on his balls

Smoke_DoggyG says:

This nigga sounds just like Scooby doo i swear

Javon Scott says:

I'm from Philly are u from Philly to we just won

Romie's Society says:

6ix9ine replacement

Textist _ says:

the song is only hot bc the “next big thing” line after that it’s just trash

The master noober says:

I came here form lovelivesever

GabeWuvsNintendo says:

This nigga flow Crip walking

lonnell taylor says:

Blue face: wtf is a beat🙄🙄

just von says:


the best username in the world says:

0:38 is that his child!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie Seriale says:

0:20 and 0:23 when your girl wont stfu

Blexy says:

When you try to sing when you are going through puberty

BGK Corbeeno says:

this the first song I heard of him

kingsley sarfo says:

my ni99er micky mousee

Mark_dkkq76 says:

Sound like a group a guys taking all at once

Fucc society says:

Blueface baby yea aigh

Masku - Senpai says:

0:20 How a tranny be like when they in the bed wit Dwight Howard

100 Subs with no vids says:

The beat go hard but that rap sounds like a 13 your old turning back into a baby

just von says:

😂😂😂😂😂idk how he fire but his fire

Kofi Amoako says:

It sound like when the voices in your head are arguing and they won’t be quiet

Alwaysnelson tacos says:

How does this guy become famous, like there people with way more talent and they’re still at the bottom, most of the song doesn’t even rhyme

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