Calling My Phone but its LoFi

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Thanks to Rodrigo for the Acapella! – Check him out here –

Calling my phone by Lil Tjay but its LoFi Hip Hop

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Syn Beats says:

Had to LoFi this hope y’all vibe with it🐸

Mohammed Alshiblawi says:

Try not to vibe challenge 🔥🔥🔥

pluto says:

damn, this is fire

FS says:

This is a fucking vibe holyyyy

Zain Nadeem says:

This is so 😫😫🥺

Nostalgia says:

This is going in my YouTube playlist…..

Void's Comment Bot says:

Syn are you on Amazon music

Void's Comment Bot says:

Wth is this thumbnail

ImJustABoredKid says:

Thank you for making this!!! I love it so much!

Jesse Speyer says:

Who else actually likes this version

Gassin says:


iErosHD says:

Bro @synbeats seriusly why you put those thumbnails and then make this straight fye remixes?? Lmao they are funny af but dont match with the level of the video. Keep doing this man your insane

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