Ciara – Level Up

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Ciara – Level Up

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
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robinhio84 says:

Can someone help me out here, what was the name of the song again, I forgot. ?

Storm 00 says:

What dance is it?

Kyra Rusk says:

Level up challenge i did it


Sooo, is it me or is this is a rip off of DjTelly Tellz fuc it up from like 3 years ago? Ijs

Penina TE'O says:

how did they make Auckland museum look so cool

Ad0re Kiya says:

I fucks with it okayy??

Emily Hutchinson says:

Her voice is giving be Beyoncé vibes

James Bankss says:

Hey guys ?? Can you take the time to check my music out and tell me what You all think? Like,Comment, Subscribe and ill do the same and show love on your page as well ??‼️ My soundcloud is here

A Turner says:

i dont mean to be mean but i really dont like this song, its kinda boring. Tbh the beat is so overused and the phrase level up is repeated so many times to the point that by the second verse it has no meaning any more

J E ss E Y says:

Apparently parris has the money and fame into her head now and shes a btch to work with. Damn sis. Remember your roots girl!

Shontae Ngahuka says:

New dance challenge level up

Катюша БМВ says:

Russian Blogger best " EN Vlog " ❤??

Bridget Martinez says:

Not feeling the chorus too much

Destanee Lockhart says:

I can't wait to see her perform this!

Veronica Crespo says:

I know I just burn calories by watching this video ?? level up!

Dashely Dartilus says:

This song lit ??

Marica Naika says:

yasss girl yass?

kevin hirwwa says:

100M views?? hit a like

youth 459 says:

This sound just like f it up

Mr Messy says:

Wheres Russel? Lmao go hawks

Ro W. says:

Fuck it up, fuck it up. Fuck it up fuck it up fuck it up. Hmm?? get it

Joel Morales says:

Do this whole choreography once a day and you'll lose at least 50 pounds in a week.

Jordan Subban says:

Great, another song that just repeats the same thing over and over and gets tons of attention….

Peteli Setu says:

Anyone else from NZ? Where ROYAL FAMILY FROM!!! (dance group that's dancing in video)

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