CJ – Understood

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Official Video For CJ ” Understood”

Directed by : RingRingVisuals

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-73873538/understood

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Erik J says:

bro went from Roddy Ricch to Blue cheese

Aungad Jhutty says:

This is one of the hardest beats I’ve ever heard

Ruwentley Reinita says:

Why isn't this on Spotify yet !?

NTR0_ JD says:

I don’t like how he has the pop smoke beat😡😡

Chim Iro says:

A Boogie type vibe but this songs were good i like this bop….i think he seen people like alot of high energy tracks and that whoopty is fire…regardless of his uncle being a big executive he really blew the fuck up by himself….He throwing blood and hats up boy being that guy…. his music will go far

Austin Ewald says:

the music video is a ripoff of pop by cj and 6ix9ine

Da Unknoown says:

This song better than Whoopty

Sierra Edmonds says:

Before he joined SOS ,this dude is the nxt 6ix9

Los Feliciano says:

Should of stuck to rapping like this

Arsha.1st Official says:

Idec ik imma blow I’ll prove the haters wrong, just watch me🚀

Jordan Smallz says:

If niggas think you a 1 hit wonder they ain’t peep this gang💯🔥🔥

Tru 602 2.0 says:

What hood he from again? 🤣

Christien Rolando says:

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yung kayp says:

Who else listens to cj everyday

Having My way says:


xXShadow Night81Xx says:

This man had like a song or two with 6ix9ine but ends up deleting it lmao

Abubakar Khan says:

Are yall sir he can say the n word

Abubakar Khan says:

Who’s here after whoopty

DBXTV123 says:

Street music easy to make

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