Consequences – Camila Cabello Karaoke 【No Guide Melody】 Instrumental

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カラオケ ガイドメロディ


Mia V says:

Plase make a song camila cabello u shaped space karaoke thank u 😊

cardboardclub says:

I sound okay until the No oh oh oh

Rachel Even says:

great! please check my version on this beautiful "consequences"


Maci Jaye says:

this is good but literally none of the lyrics are right

Jaye Agustin says:

I think the last lyric was "loving you" not "yea you"

Meryam Chagouri says:

I don't think it's "yeah, you" at the end but more "Loving you"

marissa nicole bustillo says:

good instumentals

Gustavo Silva says:

A instrumental está baixa :/

Sarah .xx2 says:

Amazing thanks

Kevin Maurice says:

Camila please go back to fifth harmony😓🤔😸 love your songs

Diren Alca says:

I really want to thank u, your instrumentales are insane ! You can watch my new cover of consequences, i gave credit 😇

Zoha Abbasi says:

Pls do in the dark!!!

Isi Cisternas says:

Do for "In the dark- Camila Cabello" pleasee

Dead Camilizer says:

mt camren bixo

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