Da Baby (Baby Jesus) – Pull Up Music [Official Video]

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IG: @DaBaby

Directed By @TheFlyFamily_

Songs Produced by: @sean_da_firzt

Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment.

South Coast Music Group.


Makale Dozois says:

Bruh those sirens scared the fuck outa me

cee gwola says:

Too bad them niggas won't aim them same guns at KKK and crooked cops, only on they own people smh.

PABLO IW says:

Like is you know what this 🐍 has to do with the video😂

James Ford says:

If you in on crips fuck you!!
You wanna say some??

Super Bee says:

Does anyone know how to get the Charlotte shirt so I can rock it down here in the 919?

Shaniece Royer says:

Ahah ahaha dababy said can you keep a secret


Je parle pas anglais mais !! Heavy sound🔥

Ayesha Doll says:

Yeah yeah ahh that's my baby

PoetVII says:

0:50 Hey look everyone…Snoop Dog just got a boob job…

Neat Sanh says:

That's how many guns he has? Well check:sahbabii pull up wit a stick

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