DaBaby – Beatbox "Remix" (Official Video) – REACTION

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Mamoshabi says:

Doing LiveBy's !! im dead !!!

Certified says:

Y’all were off a pack at the beginning

Mtrap1503 says:

I just subscribed bro u lit 🔥

Velotic Pump says:

He drowing ranch away i just ran out yesrerday.

Jermaine Allen says:

King Los lemon pepper freestyle

Mia Icke says:

😂😂wtf was the start

Terrydon says:

Bruh these guys talk too much🤦🏽‍♂️

AJ Brown says:

“Know how to swim so i fuck with who fuckin with me, i take a bridge and i burn it” is the hardest bar in this whole song 🔥🔥🔥

a c says:

Y’all finna pause every two seconds? Lol

Manny Cervantes says:

4:07 he prolly just talking about the time he beat cap cold heart on ig live in the Gucci store I think 😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡

007zLdy says:

That ain't DaBaby, THAT'S MY BABY 😍

Shaan Bhakta says:

y’all pause way to much lol smh

Dagadu M says:

They talk to much

Shanterrica Ogarro says:

4:51 the way this dude asked that so calmly had me dying🤣

chris symonds says:

When he says I can piss in a cup call it lemonade baby he's basically saying he could piss in a cup market it as lemonade and make bank lol just cuz his name dababy fire asf

Kyle McAllister says:

Da baby isn’t a rapper

Joshua Jimenez says:

These niggas pausing the video 0.5 seconds into it 😭😭😭

Matjaž Skrivarnik Rus says:

the cell phone line was about the fight he had in the LV store

terrell hubbard says:

Baby Jesus!!!

NFLiens says:

Baby slid on this joint

Chloe Renix says:


Mist Dragon mc says:

0:05 Tf was that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sariah Kent says:

so we all js gone ignore the intro like they ain't say "riding round wit oOuUwEE call me ah OouUpPeE" ion know bout yaw but ts had me dyin😭😭😭

Nathan gang says:

DaBaby did say sorry on twitter to jojo

Curlyhead Kyle says:

How do ya not get copyrighted please teach me smh

KingKID says:


Jay Fort says:

Y’all want to know what I hate is that they pause it every 5 seconds

Giovanni P says:

I just ran outta ranch yesterday 😂

lyon kim says:

This dudes be reacting and laughing at the same time😂had they reacted before

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