DaBaby – Intro (KIRK)

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DaBaby “KIRK”

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Jordan Kirk says:

Dw I'm alive

Kyy Precious says:

Preach 😎

majestic910 says:

Long Live G

Blessed Beyond measures says:

This really hit when u lost a lot of ppl 🌹

Juan E. Juarez says:

Rip dad🖤

Frankie says:

That whole verse for his brother 😔 rip 🙏

Eskimo Lady D 8135 says:

Cute li baby. Dababy cute

Levi says:

Rip his brother ❤️

Aaron Kilbert says:

This is how many time dababy said nigga👇

Blessed Beyond measures says:

“How tf I make it to the top the same day I lost the nigga who had me” dam left eye did too the same day she got in TLC her dad was killed

fulton hasty says:


DJ JKC says:

I made a mix of this song! Check it out here

deablo son says:

By now baby should be bigger than nba of course

Kesha Churchville says:

Here after the million

Jaizon Brown says:

RIP Mr. Kirk 🙏🏽

Jerome Armstrong's says:

That's crazy when his stuff when number 1 he found out about his pops wow at lease u doing good. 🙏🏽👏🏽

Mike The Dancer says:


sagittarius_royelle says:

I love this song

KevIn says:

Jus got the news. Im a granddad. U feel me

yahboy jasonmoney says:

who ever dis like this song they hating

Zayy Dayy says:

This shit hit me deep I LOVE YOU POPS MAY YOU REST IN PEACE 🥺😢😢😢

Tj Shelwood says:

Better than he coming harr

Keondra Lesha says:

I freaking 🥰 this song

ESO Savage III says:

All bars of emotions

patcaspp says:

"i dont care what the fuck they told you, we aint equal" fireeeeeeee. DaBaby is underrated.

Mc A says:

best song in the universe

Danny Bird says:

GOD is more than GREAT.

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