Dee Watkins – “Drawing Symbols” (Remix) Official Video

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Official Video Shot & Edited By @jsalz.
Instagram @Dee.Watkins
Contact: for videos!
No Matter what ‘THEY SAY” Always believe in YOURSELF!


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Lil K says:

Gangg🔥🔥🔥keep grinding big bruhh💯keep yo head up and don’t listen to dem🔥💯❤️

Bully Tactic says:

Let youngboy have this. Shit garbage 👎🏾

Playboi 1400/800 says:

u should add sum auto tune bra it would be 100% better

Da real Grim Reaper says:

Quit talkin bout this man voice let em do his thing

Das tuff My shoota says:

This ass how dare you?💀‼️

Nathan Espino says:

I fw the lyrics juss use a lil auto tune wen you singin I fw the realness tho 💯

Clean r34 says:

Is fukin fire G

Bhamm says:

Good but voice wise nah

JGM1D Jeff says:

I love it bruh❤💯

Michael Mitchell says:

Dat shit was fye brah just need to mix and master the vocals and your shit in there frfr

Amir Robinson says:

Shit would be boom with auto tube

Viral Videos says:

It’s good but the audio ain’t mixin

ComplexityTM says:

ong god if u use some good ass auto tune u will blow

XL-2k17 GOD-XL says:

Fireeeeeee str8 Factz

Tayy Leyerle says:

Good lyrics just need yo voice tuned up and you straight 🚾

Carine Louis says:


cjsetrends says:

This shit fire ash🔥🔥

ALV Junior says:

This dude Gon make it , his lyrics cold asf 💯💯 🚫 cap

Dps_jackson Dps_jackson says:

I'm sorry but this is shit

Dae tv says:

This fire 🔥

ohSniperz X says:

this shit is straight ass

YWN says:

Ain’t no hater I fw this but my dude make autotune yo bestfriend Stg keep up tha work tho

Bryce Garrigan says:

This song lowkey hard asf y’all sleeping 🚫🧢💯

Hdjhdj Hfhffh says:

The shit ass

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