DJ Khaled ft. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive – SORRY NOT SORRY REACTION!!

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


tech4year says:

You 2 !!???, did an OUTRIGHT Black Excellence 👏👏💯💯😎😎🔥🔥review of this video !!💅..

No Cap !!!. 🙅🙅🙅💯

➕ Plus, dropping "GEMS" for this generation of Gang Bangin' / Death ova' OTHER LEVEL success 😎🔥👍.

Thanks !!!. NEEDED 👏👏💯💯.

Mic 100 says:

Fellas…. Nas didn't need Kanye to be better than Jay… Jay needed those beats to even be mentioned with Nas…. but hip hop heads that really listen to lyrics, KNOW jay not even close to Nas as a MC

Makynli Mitchell says:

Sorry had to do school work for a while

MrLegislater says:

You ain’t lyin. Ny niggas hate this song. Them niggas up there don’t like nothin unless it’s Boombap and the Boombap era died years ago

La-Toya Natasha Deerling says:

Nas in here sent me😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MB says:

Bee getting the 👛 w/o even showing up 👸🏽#heyy

Cedric King says:

A 9, really? Y'all boys young so I will give y'all a pass. Y'all missed quite a few 💎 in both of their rhymes. Like the lawnmower reference Nas said "until we all on". Think about what a lawnmower do with grass when it cuts, it spread out. "U ain't hearing me that's your loss" did y'all catch that? Like this nigga spitting game but it's flying over head's. "2 seconds from the devil" all the previous references Nas made about living in hell on pass albums. I mean I can go on but then Jay comes in with all types of double entendres "sorry that's another B, haters haven't gotten over the other B…"
It's so many ways u can go with that. Of course there's the Billion he made, then there was the Tidal deal that took off and for those who didn't jump down lost out. Then he makes reference to the Triple B (beam) talking about the deal he closed with Hennessy. Then of course he brag about B "can't forget about the other B (heyyy)". Jay put niggaz in check when he say he with the fuckery, humbly naw respectfully. Like niggaz know better than to cross him but then he kills him with the Japanese Mezzanine line. Like for people who aren't into architecture, 90% of the audience will miss that but it's so dope how he put that together with the angel investors line.
To sum it up both of their rhymes was all big money talk but if u couldn't catch the reference then the song alone would be a 9. True lyrically deciphering hip hop heads would give this a 10 out 10 all day hands down. Nas open up "Here he Here he only kings stand near me" ohhh this song gotta be the anthem of the summer, who fucking with this???

jay Louis says:

Y’all was on point, I needed a good laugh . Y’all need your own show , I’m subscribing. No one has a hit prime time show on music reactions, hmmmm.

La Menace Nass says:

Nas is like…👑

JASON Young says:

Nas Bodied Jay

ok says:

Nas verse was trash 🗑

Rachel Bradshaw says:

Hating on NAS! We know he had the wordplay, the double entendres was crazy and he was motivational to the youth on this. Jay's double entendres and flow was unmatched though. I give it a tie… Nas is my favorite rapper!

Antro Beals says:

That's the lost infinity stone (the Money Stone)

Thebe Itumeleng says:

Nas is high level mathematics…and not for everyone. He doesn't gloss beats…he is a wordsmith, a poet, a conscious artist. Check what he did to Queens get Money with minimalist beats

Cheznay Thomas says:

You guys are lit and so funny😂🙏🪐 love from SOuth Africa brothers

SohoCalifornia Vintage says:

This song reminded me of Jay Z song, "song cry" 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 from back in the day

TheDollHouse says:

I love you'll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

AlexanderThe Great says:

Back at it again it's yo boi Alexander I got my comment "spam" with me and it's time for another REQUEST FOR A REACTION VID-E-YO!!! Y'all know I been rocking for a min Roe City/Rachet City connection ya feel me!!!. Idk if y'all listen to King Los but believe you me he 1 of the illest to ever grace the mic that's lyricism, freestyle, actually knowledgeable and shit. Kendrick even thought his Control freestyle was the only 1 to touch his.
I'm recommending his L.A. Leakers #95 just to instantly introduce y'all to his beastlyness on the mic. But his Lemon Pepper Wings freestyle also kills anyone else's(plus the original imo), Control, Poundcake, Bar Mitzvah, R.A.S., Everybody's A Bitch FT: Hopsin & Royce Da 5'9,
Don't Get In My Way also featuring Royce. And I will be spamming the vids till y'all react to him 🤣🤣🤣

TexasFoldEm says:

“Bruh has a crystal ball “ I died there 😂😂😂

Shad MadRad says:

Yall was mad bias…I'm from the stuy like hov and Nas killed him with either so let's not sleep on nas

Marissa Greatest says:

please please react to more female rappers, check out monaleo x beatin down yo block 🔥🔥 she NOT one of dem

Marissa Greatest says:

please please react to more female rappers, check out monaleo x beatin down yo block 🔥🔥 she NOT one of dem

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