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Don't Call Me Angel – Lana Del Rey (solo loop)

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Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) – – – Lana’s part looped.

Original song:

I appreciate the way you watch me, I can’t lie
I drop it down, I pick it up, I back it off the county line
I fell from Heaven, now I’m living like a devil
You can’t get me off your mind
I appreciate the way you want me, I can’t lie (Can’t lie)
I drop it low, I back it up, I know you wanna think you’re mine
Baby, I totally get it, you can’t guess so
You can’t get me off your mind
We in it together, but don’t call me angel.

– – –

Don’t own anything.


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Woah this is amazing! Not bad


ly says:


jill says:

this was the only salvageable part of the song tbh. ariana and miley are talented singers no doubt, but lana really embodies the "i'm no angel" vibe. tbh miley does too but in a different sense. anyway…

Seneisa says:

Here for it while staying in Quarantine during Christmas. Lana saves the week

lunsbug says:

she is the only reason i ever listened to this song bye

David Konevky says:

Imagine carrying the whole song with A SINGLE BRIDGE

Wissal Charrad says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun Lucas says:

This is so clean


Genial quitaron a las otras dos y solo dejaron a Lana que es la que vale la pena escuchar

isa's grave says:

I listen to this when I have mental breakdowns to have a fresh new start

Jonathan Gil Santillan says:

can't believe she was in the hospital for sometime after carrying this whole song on her back wow what a true American hero

Jonathan Gil Santillan says:

my surgeon: boy you only have 3:25 minutes to live


Nellie Zamora says:

Her part made the song!

I Love Myself says:

Lana’s part was the best. Thank god for this loop now I don’t have to skip to her part.

Júlia Fernanda Melo Santos says:

melhor parte da música fds

-L- says:

The only reason i listened to the whole song ✨✨✨

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