Drake & French Montana – All The Way Up/No Shopping (OVO FEST 2016)

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FTB 933 says:

Pumpppp pumpppp pumppp it upppp

bader 22 says:

مونتنا انت تمثل العرب والاسلام ليس كذالك شكرآ

honeychildlor says:

D U M B !

Jalal uxeTV says:

that was legitness

Talal k says:


Danny Boy says:

the get all hyped up when they're singing or rapping but they aint saying shit

Danny Boy says:

shit I grew up on 90s Hip Hop this shit is garbage

WAVY says:

Can I get a heuuu

Sisqo 6Side says:

why does Montana walk like that lol

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