Drake “Nonstop” (BigQuint x HNHH First Reaction)

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Drake’s “Scorpion” double-disc album dropped on Friday, with a few songs standing out from each side off the bat. Among them, we were drawn to “Nonstop,” and called him BigQuint to get his first reaction to the dizzying record, produced by Tay Keith with co-production from No I.D.

Thoughts on “Scorpion”??

Listen to the song “Nonstop” here:

HNHH Commenters:

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quiet q says:

Man that cut was terrible he skipped like half the song

Nico Gabriel says:

Me cagué de risa con la reacción jajajajaj

T6R6 NT6 says:

The video is INSANE.

Leonardo Ramirez says:

Pinche ridículo.

1Life 1Love says:

Quint the man!

M A B Slime says:

Reac to:( C.R.O – enamorao de la calle)

Ax Thizzle says:

why you sweating ole 😅 headass

@MikePlanty says:

smh this one song reaction better than the whole album reaction on your channel quint cmon now

C LYONS says:

BIG Quint, man you funny as hell ha,ha,ha,ha.

Ashton Lamaar says:


Carter Goins says:

big quint making big moves!!!!

Lil Tunechi says:

I just like this video simply because of the trust me Danny reference

Suber Production says:


Nicholas Jackson says:

This song was trash in my opinion lol

zedze says:

this man sounded like knuckles in sonic adventure at the start.

Yung Flow.5 says:


steamboat says:

the hell is going on with the bed, left side of the screen

Jeffrey Trabanino says:

Let’s 👏🏼👏🏼 fucking go

Ball Is Life says:

You nearly gave me a heart attack in the beginning nigga godddaymm

stevenyang1 says:

Quint sold out

Kevin Corpus says:

nah nah we need that full album reaction bruh

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