drippin so pretty- Call My Phone feat. Lil Tracy (official music video)

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album out everywhere i love you
shot by davieedavee
prod thislandis


deathbyangels says:

found this man in 2018, took 3 years to love him but finally did it :,)

Frank C. Graham IV says:


King OG says:

When did John Cena's son start rapping 😂 songs fire tho

ScumbaggSteve says:

She call my phone and she tell she miss me

Bob O'Toole says:

this is fucking hard.

JuicePumps says:

drip got that rap and voice game

FCSB RO's Star says:

👏🏻 Top tier

. says:


Neratz says:

this is easily one of the best songs ever created.

Preston Petitti says:

Tracy & Drip overpowered 💫💜✨

LIT GOD says:

This shit is so slept on right now smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ this track is literally 🔥


love from long island new York

question mark??? says:

Filmed same place as bagging by marshmallow ft 42 dug

RiverCity FGFS FGFS says:

You try to kill me then you coming w me

sp00ky says:

i love drippin


underrated song af

Matthew Hanson says:

drip so damn gooooooooood

Impending Ploom says:

I love these 2 together. Much love.

Humza Saleem says:

Where tf is Tracy gone man?

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