Ed Sheeran – Blow (live at Theatre Royal Haymarket, London, July 14 2019)

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Twitter: @sheeranxallen
Insta: @klxra.l


Terezinha Ferrera says:

Wow Ed, you are brilliant and perfect .😍😍😍I love ❤❤❤❤❤

Carlos Garcia says:

A normal guitar looks so big on him 😂😂😂

JB - NAZ says:

Idk but i love when ed sheeran plays his songs live withh the loop feels soo rawww, if u guys can check my cover of beautiful people it would mean alot by the way, thankss

Ksenija Jemensek says:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. I love it and I wish I was there to hear it live. 😍

Himesh Chauhan says:

Is that a full sized guitar

Maze润 PH says:

i wasn't expecting a good audio here. 😂 goodjob and thanks 👍

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